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  • The French & Indian War

    The French and Indian War (1754–1763) was the North American theater of the worldwide Seven Years' War. The war was fought between the colonies of... Read more

  • Washington Crosses the Delaware

    Final preparation for the attack was begun on December 23. On December 24 Washington ordered that each man be provided with three days rations and... Read more

  • Otakon 2008

    About Otakon Otakon is the convention of the otaku generation: by fans, for fans; and we're back for our 16th year! Join thousands of your... Read more

  • Mongol Invasion of China

    Mongke Khan dispatched Kublai to the Dali Kingdom in 1253 to outflank the Song. The Gao faimly, dominated the court, resisted and murdered Mongol... Read more

  • Battle of the Yellow Sea

    On the morning of 10 August 1904, the First Pacific Squadron sailed out of Port Arthur to engage the Japanese fleet blockading the port. The... Read more

  • Mongol-Jin Dynasty War

    Wanyan Heda's Jin army still had more than 100,000 men after the battle at Mount Yu, and the Mongols adopted a strategy of exhausting the enemy.... Read more

  • Mongol Conquest of the Song Dynasty

    Bayan of the Baarin, the Mongol commander, then sent half of his force up river to wade to the south bank in order to build a bridge across to take... Read more

  • Theodore Roosevelt Elected Vice President of United States

    Roosevelt was a powerful campaign asset for the Republican ticket, which defeated William Jennings Bryan in a landslide based on restoration of... Read more

  • Battle of Trenton

    An outpost was set up by the Hessians at a cooper shop on Pennington Road about one mile north-west of Trenton. George Washington himself led the... Read more

  • Baylor Massacre

    On September 22, 1778, Gen. Sir Henry Clinton ordered Maj. Gen. Sir Charles Grey, Maj. Gen. The Marquess Charles Cornwallis,and Brigadier General... Read more

  • Battle of Paulus Hook

    At four o'clock on the afternoon of August 8, 1779, Major Henry Lee, with four hundred infantry and a troop of dismounted dragoons started from New... Read more

  • Battle of Princeton

    The Battle of Princeton (January 3, 1777) was a battle in which General Washington's revolutionary forces defeated British forces near Princeton,... Read more

  • Battle of Chestnut Neck

    The Battle of Chestnut Neck was a battle fought in New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War,... Read more

  • Ambush of Geary

    Cornet Francis Geary (1752-1776), son of Admiral Sir Francis Geary, and a party of eight troopers of the 16th (Queen's) Light Dragoons were engaged... Read more

  • Battle of Monmouth

    Lee, as Washington's senior subordinate, was initially appointed commander of the advance force, but turned it down because of his doubts about the... Read more

  • Battle of Iron Works Hill

    On December 25, 1776, Washington and a small army of 2,400 men crossed the Delaware River at McKonkey's Ferry, Pennsylvania on their way to attack... Read more

  • The Virginia Declaration of Rights

    Articles 1-3 address the subject of rights and the relationship between government and the governed. Article 1 states that "all men are by nature... Read more

  • Battle of the Chesapeake

    When the British fleet of 19 ships, now under Graves's command, arrived back at the Chesapeake on the morning of September 5, they found 25 French... Read more

  • Battle of Yorktown

    By October 14, the trenches were within 150 yards (140 m) of redoubts #9 and #10. Washington ordered that all guns within range begin blasting the... Read more

  • Battle of Spencer's Ordinary

    Anthony Wayne, leading the Marquis de Lafayette's van, received word of Simcoe and the Queen's Rangers foraging near Spencer's Ordinary (about six... Read more

  • King Richard's Faire 2008

    Starting this weekend, people will quest to Carver, Mass., to spend a little time visiting the 16th century—minus, of course, syphilis or cholera... Read more

  • Feast of St Anthony 2008

    Since that time, the people of the North End and Massachusetts, like people around the world, celebrate the feast of St. Anthony just as they do... Read more

  • Fisherman's Feast 2008

    The Fisherman's Feast is an annual event that began in Boston in 1911 and is based on a tradition that goes back to the 16th century in Sciacca... Read more

  • Harborfest 2008

    If you want to celebrate Independence Day in proper patriotic style, head for Boston. The annual Boston Harborfest is a multi-day Fourth of July... Read more

  • Battle of Brier Creek

    On the afternoon of March 3, a rider galloped into the American camp, warning of the British approach. While the exact amount of time they had to... Read more