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  • The Soviet War in Afghanistan

    The Soviet War in Afghanistan was a nine year war. The war was started due to political beliefs. It was also the Soviets trying to put down the... Read more

  • Khobar Towers Bombing in Saudi Arabia

    On June 25, 1996 there was a terrorist attack in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. This attack was at the Khobar Towers which was a foreign military base... Read more

  • TWA Flight 840 Attack

    On April 3, 1986 a Trans World Airline flight was brought down by a bomb. The flight was number 840 and was on way from Cairo to Athens. It is... Read more

  • Pan Am Flight 103

    Pan Am Flight 103 was a transatlantic flight from London Heathrow Airport to JFK Internation Airport in New York City. The flight was taking place... Read more

  • Attack on the Egyptian Embassy

    On November 19, 1995 the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan was attacked. The attack started in the morning between 9 and 9:30 a.m.. Two men killed the... Read more