Yacht Rock timeline

  • Yacht Rock Episode 1

    In the pilot episode, Kenny Loggins, under the guidance of Koko Goldstein, reaches out to a struggling Michael McDonald, who's having trouble... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 2

    Loggins and McDonald pair up against the duo Hall & Oates for a songwriting competition. Koko is accidentally impaled by his lucky harpoon during... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 3

    As everyone grieves Koko's death, Loggins lashes out at McDonald and "smooth music" as a whole, causing a rift between the two. An entertainment... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 4

    Steve Porcaro (Steve Agee), the keyboard player of the band Toto, is asked by his girlfriend, Rosanna Arquette, to write a song about her, and she... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 5

    Toto has been commissioned to write a smooth song for Michael Jackson's Thriller, but Jackson rejects the band, believing after working with Eddie... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 6

    The series depicts some realistic aspects of the music, but builds exaggerated storylines around them. For example, main protagonists Loggins and... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 7

    McDonald and Loggins make a bet about McDonald's new song, "I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)", that takes a decade to resolve. Ten years... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 8

    J. D. Ryznar and Hunter D. Stair devised the series after noticing the incestuous recording careers of such bands as Steely Dan, Toto, and The... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 9

    Van Halen puts a curse on Ted Templeman to force him to produce their hard rock song. In a subplot, Loggins loses his car keys and has everyone in... Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 10

    In Episode 10, Steely Dan and the Eagles settle a long-time, childish feud with a hit song. Read more

  • Yacht Rock Episode 11

    Jimmy Buffett is convinced by Kevin Bacon and Gene Balboa to trick Loggins into making yet another movie song. He is subsequently kidnapped by... Read more