Wright Brothers timeline

  • Wilbur Wright Born

    Wilbur Wright was born near Millville, Indiana in 1867. The Wright brothers, Orville (August 19, 1871 – January 30, 1948) and Wilbur (April 16,... Read more

  • Orville Wright Born

    Orville Wright was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1871. The Wright brothers, Orville (August 19, 1871 – January 30, 1948) and Wilbur (April 16, 1867 –... Read more

  • Wright Cycle Exchange Opens

    The bicycle business of the Wright brothers, the Wright Cycle Company (originally the Wright Cycle Exchange) occupied five different locations in... Read more

  • Flight of 1900 Wright Glider

    The 1900 glider was the Wrights’ first piloted aircraft. First flight-tested at Kitty Hawk in the fall of that year, it incorporated the... Read more

  • Flight of 1901 Wright Glider

    The 1901 Wright Glider was the second of the brothers' experimental gliders. They tested it over the Kill Devil Hills, four miles south of Kitty... Read more

  • Flight of 1902 Wright Glider

    The 1902 Wright Glider was the third free-flight glider built by the brothers. This was their first glider to incorporate yaw control by use of a... Read more

  • Wright Brothers First Flight

    On December 17, 1903, two brothers from Dayton, Ohio, named Wilbur and Orville Wright, were successful in flying an airplane they built. Their... Read more

  • Wrights build Flyer II

    The Flyer II was the second powered aircraft built by Wilbur and Orville Wright, in 1904. The design of the Flyer II was very similar to the... Read more

  • First Flight with Flyer III

    The Wright Flyer III was the third powered aircraft built by the Wright Brothers. Orville Wright made the first flight with it on June 23, 1905.... Read more

  • Wright Brothers Patent Granted

    During their experiments of 1902 the Wrights succeeded in controlling their glider in all three axes of flight: pitch, roll and yaw. Their... Read more

  • Wrights Sign Contract with a French Company and the U.S. Army

    The Wright brothers made no flights at all in 1906 and 1907 while they pursued fitful negotiations with the U.S. and European governments. While... Read more