World War 2 timeline

  • Parit Sulong Massacre

    On January 23, 1942, the Parit Sulong Massacre was committed against Allied soldiers by members of the Imperial Guards Division of the Imperial... Read more

  • Battle of Rabaul (1942)

    The Battle of Rabaul (Operation R), on the island of New Britain, in the Australian Territory of New Guinea, in January and February 1942,... Read more

  • Battle of Balikpapan (1942)

    While the Japanese invasion force was landing at Balikpapan, on the early morning of January 24, at around 02:45, the Allied (ABDACOM's) 59th US... Read more

  • Battle of Ambon

    From 6 January onwards, Ambon was attacked by Japanese aircraft. Allied aircraft made some sorties against the approaching Japanese fleet, with... Read more

  • Battle of Makassar Strait

    The Battle of Makassar Strait, also known as the Action of Madura Strait, the Action North of Lombok Strait and the Battle of the Flores Sea, was a... Read more

  • Battle of Sarimbun Beach

    The Battle of Sarimbun Beach was the first stage of the Japanese assault on Singapore in February 1942, during World War II. Sarimbun, in the west... Read more

  • Battle of Kranji

    The Battle of Kranji was the second stage of the Japanese plan for the invasion of Singapore during the Second World War. On 9 February 1942 the... Read more

  • Zhao Shangzhi, Commander of the Northeast Anti-Japan United Army, Captured by Japanese Military Police

    As of September 1938, the number of insurgents had dwindled to an estimated 10,000 combatants as a result of years of fighting and privation. The... Read more

  • Battle of Palembang

    The Battle of Palembang was a battle of the Pacific theatre of World War II. It occurred near Palembang, on Sumatra, on 13–15 February 1942. The... Read more

  • Alexandra Hospital Massacre

    At about 1.00pm on 14 February Japanese soldiers advanced towards the Alexandra Barracks Hospital. A British lieutenant, acting as an envoy with a... Read more

  • Singapore Falls to Japanese Occupation

    By the morning of Chinese New Year, 15 February, the Japanese had broken through the last line of defence and the Allies were running out of food... Read more

  • Battle of Badung Strait

    The Battle of Badung Strait was a naval battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II, fought on the night of 19–20 February 1942 in Badung Strait... Read more

  • Japanese Forces Invade Portuguese Timor

    During the night of 19–20 February, 1,500 troops from the Imperial Japanese Army's 228th Regimental Group, 38th Division, XVI Army, under the... Read more

  • Battle of the Java Sea

    The Battle of the Java Sea was a major naval battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II. Allied navies suffered a disastrous defeat at the hand... Read more

  • Battle of Sunda Strait

    The Battle of Sunda Strait was a naval battle which occurred during World War II. On the night of February 28 – March 1, 1942, the United States... Read more

  • Battle of Java (1942)

    The Battle of Java (Invasion of Java, Operation J) was a battle of the Pacific theatre of World War II. It occurred on the island of Java, between... Read more

  • Battle of Tachiao

    Battle of Tachiao March 18 - 19, 1942, was the first clash in the Battle of Yunnan-Burma Road in the Burma Campaign of World War II and Second... Read more

  • Battle of Toungoo

    On the 24th of March, the Japanese 112th Regiment made frontal attacks on the Oktwin positions while the 143rd Regiment with the aid of friendly... Read more

  • Battle of Oktwin

    On March 20, the 143rd Regiment plus cavalry units attacked the positions of the Chinese Cavalry Regiment north of River彪关, driving the Chinese... Read more

  • St. Nazaire Raid (Operation Chariot)

    The St. Nazaire Raid (also called Operation Chariot) was a successful British seaborne attack on the heavily defended docks of St. Nazaire in... Read more

  • Imperial Japanese Navy Begins Sustained Attacks on Allied Forces in the Indian Ocean

    Following the destruction of the American-British-Dutch-Australian Command forces in the battles around Java in February and March, the Japanese... Read more

  • Japanese Forces Gain Control of Island of Borneo

    The Battle of Borneo was a successful campaign by Japanese Imperial forces for control of Borneo island and concentrated mainly with the... Read more

  • Easter Sunday Raid

    With Japan's entry into the war, and especially after the fall of Singapore, Ceylon became a front-line British base against the Japanese. Admiral... Read more

  • Japanese Attack Allied Harbor at Trincomalee

    On 9 April 1942 the Japanese attacked the harbor at Trincomalee at 07:00. The British again had warning of the attack, and Hermes and her escorts... Read more

  • Battle of Yenangyaung

    It was now essential to deny the oil fields at Yenangyaung to the Japanese some 100 miles north of Prome. The allied lines of defence were planned... Read more