World War 1 timeline

  • Italy Declares War on Austria-Hungary

    Italian Army, 700,000 Gen. Luigi Cadorna, Commander Gen. Brusati Gen. Pecori-Giraldi Duke of Aosta King Victor Emmanuel Admiral Patris... Read more

  • San Marino Declares War on Austria-Hungary

    While Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary on 23 May 1915, San Marino remained neutral. Italy, suspecting that San Marino could harbour Austrian... Read more

  • Third Battle Of Krithia

    Battle was duly renewed at noon on a sunny, breezy 4 June and was the result of a joint initiative between Hunter-Weston and the newly-arrived (15... Read more

  • First Battle of the Isonzo

    Italian Forces, 750,000 General Luigi Cadorna, Commander-in-Chief General Brusatti General Pecori-Giraldi Duke of Aosta Admiral... Read more

  • Battle Of Gully Ravine

    The Battle of Gully Ravine (Sığındere) was a World War I battle fought at Cape Helles on the Gallipoli peninsula. By June 1915 all thoughts the... Read more

  • German Southwest Africa Surrenders to British-Boer Forces

    British-Boer Forces, 20,000 General Louis Botha, Commander-in-Chief General Lukin General Myburgh General Mackenzie General Smuts Colonel Van... Read more

  • Second Battle Of The Isonzo

    The Second Battle of the Isonzo was fought between the armies of the Kingdom of Italy and of Austria-Hungary in the Italian Front in World War I,... Read more

  • German Destruction of Factories in Canada and the United States Begins

    Germany had mobilized an immense army of spies, dynamiters, assassins and conspirators in the United States at the outbreak of War in Europe. These... Read more

  • Battle Of Sari Bair

    The Battle of Sari Bair (Turkish: Anafartalar Savaşı or "Sarı Bayır muharebesi"), also known as the August Offensive, was the final attempt made by... Read more

  • Battle Of Lone Pine

    The Battle of Lone Pine, was a battle between Australian and Turkish forces that took place during the Gallipoli campaign from 6–10 August 1915. It... Read more

  • Battle Of The Nek

    The Battle of the Nek was a small World War I battle fought as part of the Gallipoli campaign. This is the battle described in the film... Read more

  • Battle Of Hill 60

    The Battle of Hill 60 was the last major assault of the Battle of Gallipoli. It was launched on 21 August 1915 to coincide with the attack on... Read more

  • Italy Declares War on Turkey

    Italy had been allied with the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires since 1882 as part of the Triple Alliance. However, the nation had its own... Read more

  • Battle Of Scimitar Hill

    The Battle of Scimitar Hill (Yusufçuk Tepe) was the last offensive mounted by the British at Suvla during the Battle of Gallipoli in World War I.... Read more

  • Battle of Belgrade

    Serbian Forces, 300,000 Field Marshal Putnik, Commander General Zirkovitch General Goykovitch General Mishitch General Jourishitch General... Read more

  • Battle of Kut

    British Army, 12,000 Major-General Townshend General Frye General Delamain General Houghton Turkish Army, 20,000 Nuredin Pasha Djemal... Read more

  • Third Battle of Artois

    Franco-English Army, 300,000 General Ferdinand Foch General Sir John French German Army, 300,000 Crown Prince Rupprecht In concurrence... Read more

  • Battle of Loos

    British Army, 250,000 General Sir John French General Sir Douglas Haig General Sir Henry Rawlinson General Sir Hubert Gough General Sir... Read more

  • Second Battle of Champagne

    French Army, 200,000 General Petain German Army, 215,000 General von Ditmurth The infantry attack along the 20 miles of Champagne front... Read more

  • Battle of Es Sinn

    The Battle of Es Sinn was a military engagement during the Mesopotamian Campaign of World War I. The battle was fought to determine control of the... Read more

  • Serbian Campaign

    The Serbians, while defending themselves so valiantly against their foes, had been buoyed up by the hope that the French and English would come to... Read more

  • Bulgaria Declares War on Serbia

    Bulgaria threw off the mask of neutrality on October 11, 1915, declaring war against Serbia on the pretext that the Serbians had crossed the... Read more

  • Execution of Edith Cavell

    Edith Cavell, an English nurse, who was brutally put to death by her German jailers, in Brussels, on October 13, 1915, excited the pity while... Read more

  • Great Britian Declares War on Bulgaria

    In the years following the achievement of complete independence Bulgaria became increasingly militarised: Dillon in 1920 called Bulgaria "the... Read more

  • Montenegro Declares War on Bulgaria

    Under Nicholas I, the Principality of Montenegro vastly advanced and enlarged several times in the Montenegro-Turkish Wars and achieved recognition... Read more