World Series timeline

  • 1974 World Series

    The 1974 World Series matched the two-time defending champion Oakland Athletics against the Los Angeles Dodgers with the A’s winning the Series in... Read more

  • 1975 World Series Game 6 Red Sox 7 - Reds 6

    I was 10 years old when this game happened. I remember staying up very late to watch this game and was so excited when Fisk hit his game ending... Read more

  • 1975 World Series - Game 7: Reds 4, Red Sox 3

    Joey Tramontana from Hull, Mass. was chosen by the Jimmy Fund to throw out the first ball in the 7th game of the 1975 World Series. Read more

  • 1976 World Series

    The 1976 season witnessed the return of baseball's most successful postseason-dynasty to the Fall Classic. After a twelve year hiatus, the New York... Read more

  • 1977 World Series

    After an embarrassing sweep by baseball's newest dynasty, the Cincinnati Reds, the American League champion New York Yankees returned to the Fall... Read more

  • 1978 World Series

    As the World Series celebrated its 75th Anniversary, two teams that shared many chapters in its story met for a classic rematch of East vs. West.... Read more

  • 1979 World Series

    The 1979 World Series matched the National League's Pittsburgh Pirates (98–64) against the American League's Baltimore Orioles (102–57), with the... Read more

  • 1980 World Series

    The 1980 World Series matched the Philadelphia Phillies against the Kansas City Royals, with the Phillies winning in six games to capture the first... Read more

  • 1981 World Series

    The 1981 World Series matched the New York Yankees against the Los Angeles Dodgers, marking their third meeting in the Series in five years. The... Read more

  • 1982 World Series

    The 1982 World Series matched the St. Louis Cardinals against the Milwaukee Brewers, with the Cardinals winning in seven games. The Cardinals won... Read more

  • 1983 World Series

    The 1983 World Series matched the American League champion Baltimore Orioles against the National League champion Philadelphia Phillies, with the... Read more

  • Baltimore Orioles Beat Philadelphia Phillies in World Series

    The 1983 World Series matched the American League champion Baltimore Orioles against the National League champion Philadelphia Phillies, with the... Read more

  • 1984 World Series

    The Detroit Tigers were World Series bound right from the start of the regular season, winning thirty-five of their first forty games and finishing... Read more

  • 1985 World Series

    After winning seven West Division Titles, two American League pennants and participating in five out of the last ten Championship Series (76, 77,... Read more

  • 1986 World Series

    The 1986 World Series pitted the New York Mets against the Boston Red Sox. It was cited in the legend of the "Curse of the Bambino" to explain the... Read more

  • 1987 World Series

    The 1987 World Series, in which the Minnesota Twins defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, was the first World Series in which the home team won all... Read more

  • 1988 World Series

    The 1988 World Series matched the Oakland Athletics against the Los Angeles Dodgers, with the Dodgers upsetting the heavily favored A's to win the... Read more

  • Kirk Gibson's Pinch Hit HR wins World Series game

    Kirk Gibson's pinch-hit HR wins World Series game Rick Weinberg Special to He could barely walk. Actually, he could barely stand... Read more

  • 1989 World Series

    The 1989 World Series was played between the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants. The Series ran from October 14 through October 28,... Read more

  • 1990 World Series

    The 1990 World Series matched the defending champions and heavily-favored Oakland Athletics against the Cincinnati Reds, with the Reds sweeping the... Read more

  • 1991 World Series

    The 1991 World Series was played between the Minnesota Twins (95–67) of the American League and the Atlanta Braves (94–68) of the National League... Read more

  • 1992 World Series

    The 1992 World Series was the first Series ever with games played outside the United States of America. It pitted the American League champion... Read more

  • 1993 World Series

    The 1993 World Series was the second Series in a row with games played in Canada as well as the second Series to be won by a Canadian team. It... Read more

  • 1994 World Series is Canceled

    The 1994 World Series was canceled on September 14 of that year due to an ongoing strike by the Major League Baseball Players Association, which... Read more

  • 1995 World Series

    1995 World Series After losing the World Series to the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 and falling to the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League... Read more