William W. Averell timeline

  • Battle at Kelly's Ford

    Description: Kelly’s Ford was one of the early larger scale cavalry fights in Virginia that set the stage for Brandy Station and cavalry actions of... Read more

  • Battle of Droop Mountain

    Other Names: None Location: Pocahontas County Campaign: Averell’s Raid on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad (November 1863) Date(s):... Read more

  • Battle of Cove Mountain - Confederates Delay Union Advance

    Description: On May 10, Brig. Gen. W.W. Averell’s raiders encountered a brigade under William “Grumble” Jones near Cove Mountain. After delaying... Read more

  • Battle of Rutherford's Farm

    Description: On July 20, Brig. Gen. W.W. Averell’s Union division attacked Maj. Gen. S.D. Ramseur’s Confederate division at Rutherford’s and... Read more

  • Battle of Moorefield

    Other Names: Oldfields Location: Hardy County Campaign: Early’s Raid and Operations against the B&O Railroad (June-August) Date(s): August... Read more