United States timeline

  • Operation Beaver Cage

    Operation Beaver Cage was a U.S. Army and U.S. Navy Joint Operation in North Vietnam along the coastline of the Bon Hai river. The Operation took... Read more

  • Operation Attleboro Begins

    Operation Attleboro was a search and destroy operation by the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. The operation was named after Attleboro, Massachusetts,... Read more

  • U.S. Navy Commences Operation Sea Dragon

    Operation Sea Dragon occurred during the Vietnam War and was a series of naval operations beginning in 1966 to interdict sea lines of... Read more

  • Kit Carson Scout Program Goes into Operation

    The Kit Carson Scouts (Hoi Chanh Vien in Vietnamese), loosely translated as "members who have returned") belonged to a special program created by... Read more

  • CIA Initiates Controversial Phoenix Program

    The Phoenix Program (Vietnamese: Chiến dịch Phượng Hoàng, a word related to fenghuang, the Chinese phoenix) was a military, intelligence, and... Read more

  • Operation Bolo

    Operation Bolo was a famous air battle fought in the skies of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on January 2, 1967, during the Vietnam War, and in... Read more

  • Operation Cedar Falls

    Operation Cedar Falls was a military operation of the Vietnam War conducted primarily by US forces. The aim of this massive search and destroy... Read more

  • The Twenty-fifth Amendment is ratified

    The Twenty-fifth Amendment (Amendment XXV) to the United States Constitution deals with succession to the Presidency and establishes procedures... Read more

  • US Military Begins Operation Popeye, a Cloud Seeding Program

    Project Popeye was an experiment in increased rainfall through cloud seeding jointly approved by the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department... Read more

  • United States Marine Corps Conducts Operation Union

    Operation Union was a military operation conducted by the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. It was a search and destroy mission in... Read more

  • The Hill Fights

    Things remained quiet in the Khe Sanh area through 1966. Even so, General Westmoreland insisted that it not only be occupied by the Marines, but... Read more

  • Operation Union II

    Operation Union II was a military operation that took place in the Vietnam War. It was a search and destroy mission in the Que Son Valley carried... Read more

  • Operation Buffalo

    Operation Buffalo was an operation during the Vietnam War that took place in the vicinity of Con Thien, Republic of Vietnam from 1 - 14 July, 1967.... Read more

  • An Estimated 100,000 People Gather at Lincoln Memorial in First National Demonstration Against the Vietnam War

    [On] October 21, 1967, a large demonstration took place at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. As many as 100,000 demonstrators attended the event,... Read more

  • Siege of Dak To

    The battle for Hill 875 took place in the Vietnamese Central Highlands during the Vietnam War. It was fought between the 2nd and 4th Battalions of... Read more

  • United States Air Force Launches Operation Igloo White

    Operation Igloo White was a covert United States Air Force electronic warfare operation conducted from late January 1968 until February 1973,... Read more

  • Operation Niagara I is Launched

    During the last four months of 1967 a series of fierce border battles erupted in South Vietnam that cast a shadow on what had been a productive... Read more

  • Battle of Khe Sanh Begins

    The Battle of Khe Sanh was conducted in northwestern Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), between 21 January and 8 April 1968... Read more

  • Operation Niagara II is Launched

    On 21 January PAVN opened a continuous artillery barrage directed at Khe Sanh. It was also the launch day for Operation Niagara II. The Marine... Read more

  • Operation Coburg Begins

    Operation Coburg was an Australian military action during the Vietnam War. The operation took place between 24 January − 1 March 1968 and saw heavy... Read more

  • Battle of Hue

    At 03:40 on the foggy morning of 31 January, allied defensive positions north of the Perfume River in the city of Hue were mortared and rocketed... Read more

  • First Battle of Saigon

    Although Saigon was the focal point of the offensive, the communists did not seek a total takeover of the city. Rather, they had six primary... Read more

  • The Tet Offensive Begins

    The Tet Offensive was a military campaign during the Vietnam War that began on January 31, 1968. Forces of the National Liberation Front for South... Read more

  • Battle of Lang Vei

    The Battle of Lang Vei was a battle of the Vietnam War fought on the night of 6 February 1968, between elements of the People's Army of Vietnam... Read more

  • Battle of Lima Site 85

    The Battle of Lima Site 85 was a battle of the Vietnam War. The site was located at Phou Pha Thi—a mountain 15 miles (24 km) from the border of the... Read more