Tornado timeline

  • Great Natchez Tornado

    The Great Natchez Tornado hit Natchez, Mississippi on May 7, 1840. It is the second deadliest single tornado in United States history, killing 317... Read more

  • Enigma Tornado Outbreak

    The 1884 Enigma outbreak is thought to be among the largest and most widespread tornado outbreaks in American history, striking on February 19–20,... Read more

  • Mattoon Tornado of 1917

    The funnel of the tornado on May 26, 1917 first appeared at noon just west of a small town southeast of Quincy (Wilson and Changnon, 1971). It... Read more

  • Glazier–Higgins–Woodward Tornadoes of 1947

    The tornadoes began in Texas. Just after the White Deer tornado dissipated, the first tornado of this event formed five miles (8 km) northwest of... Read more

  • Warner Robins Tornadoes

    A series of tornadoes in Peach, Houstoun, Marion, Twiggs and Bibb Counties left 310 people injured, 20 people dead (some sources say 19) and more... Read more

  • Mid-South Tornado Outbreak

    A tornado outbreak occurred on May 24, 1957 from west eastern New Mexico into central Oklahoma. Like typical plains tornadoes, the tornadoes... Read more

  • Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak of 1965

    A wide outbreak of 37 tornadoes killed 256 people, mostly in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana on Palm Sunday 1965. This was deadliest tornado outbreak... Read more

  • Mississippi Valley Tornado Outbreak

    The February 1971 Mississippi Valley tornado outbreak was a deadly tornado outbreak that struck portions of the Lower Mississippi River Valley and... Read more

  • Bangladesh Tornado of 1973

    In one of the worst tornado tragedies to hit Bangladesh, 681 people were killed in the Manikganj subdivision of Dhaka district on 17 April 1973.... Read more

  • Super Outbreak

    This week marks the 25th anniversary of the April 3-4, 1974, super tornado outbreak. It was the worst tornado outbreak in U.S. history with 148... Read more

  • Lower Ohio Valley Tornado Outbreak of June 1990

    The June 1990 Lower Ohio Valley tornado outbreak is a tornado outbreak that occurred in southern Illinois, central and southern Indiana,... Read more

  • Plainfield Tornado of 1990

    The 1990 Plainfield tornado was a devastating tornado that occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 28, 1990. The violent tornado killed 29... Read more

  • Kissimmee Tornado Outbreak

    The 1998 Kissimmee tornado outbreak of February 22 - 23 1998, was the deadliest tornado event in Florida history. Forty-two people were killed and... Read more

  • Pine Lake, Alberta Tornado

    On July 14, 2000 at approximately 7:00 PM an F3 tornado tore through the Green Acres Campground at Pine Lake in central Alberta killing 12 people... Read more

  • Groundhog Day Tornado Outbreak

    The 2007 Groundhog Day tornado outbreak was a localized but devastating tornado event that took place in central Florida early on February 2, 2007.... Read more