Second Sino-Japanese War timeline

  • Japanese Forces Retreat from Shanggao

    On high at about 120 km southwest of Nanchang, the Jinjiang River north, briefly Hunan and Jiangxi Road (Nanchang to Changsha) hub of the east... Read more

  • Battle of South Shanxi

    The Battle of South Shanxi (simplified Chinese: 晋南会战; traditional Chinese: 晉南會戰; pinyin: Jìn Nán Huìzhàn), also known as the Battle of Jinnan and... Read more

  • Second Battle of Changsha

    In Sep 1941, more than 120,000 Japanese troops embarked on the second attempt to take the Chinese city of Changsha. The first engagement took place... Read more

  • Third Battle of Changsha

    With 120,000 soldiers organized in four divisions, the Japanese attempted a third attack on the Chinese city of Changsha. 300,000 men defended the... Read more

  • Zhao Shangzhi, Commander of the Northeast Anti-Japan United Army, Captured by Japanese Military Police

    As of September 1938, the number of insurgents had dwindled to an estimated 10,000 combatants as a result of years of fighting and privation. The... Read more

  • Battle of Tachiao

    Battle of Tachiao March 18 - 19, 1942, was the first clash in the Battle of Yunnan-Burma Road in the Burma Campaign of World War II and Second... Read more

  • Battle of Toungoo

    On the 24th of March, the Japanese 112th Regiment made frontal attacks on the Oktwin positions while the 143rd Regiment with the aid of friendly... Read more

  • Battle of Oktwin

    On March 20, the 143rd Regiment plus cavalry units attacked the positions of the Chinese Cavalry Regiment north of River彪关, driving the Chinese... Read more

  • Battle of Yenangyaung

    It was now essential to deny the oil fields at Yenangyaung to the Japanese some 100 miles north of Prome. The allied lines of defence were planned... Read more

  • Zhejiang-Jiangxi Campaign

    As the raiders landed in China, most were aided by local Chinese forces or civilians. One raider, Corporal Leland D. Faktor, died while bailing... Read more

  • Battle of Changde

    The Battle of Changde (simplified Chinese: 常德会战; traditional Chinese: 常德會戰; pinyin: Chángdé Huìzhàn) was a major engagement in the Second... Read more

  • Battle of Central Henan

    The Battle of Central Henan, was the first offensive in the Japanese Operation Ichi-Go during the Second Sino-Japanese War. In the Battle of... Read more

  • Empire of Japan Initiates Operation Ichi-Go

    Operation Ichi-Go (一号作戦 Ichi-gō Sakusen, lit. "Operation Number One") was a campaign of a series of major battles between the Imperial Japanese... Read more

  • Japan Launches Fourth Offensive on Changsha

    The Battle of Changsha (1944), (also known as the Battle of Hengyang or Campaign of Changsha-Hengyang) was an invasion of the Chinese province of... Read more

  • Imperial Japanese Army Captures Hengyang

    The Battle of Hengyang was the longest defense of a single city of the entire Second Sino-Japanese War. When Changsha fell to the Imperial Japanese... Read more

  • Battle of Guilin–Liuzhou

    The Battle of Guilin–Liuzhou (simplified Chinese: 桂柳会战; traditional Chinese: 桂柳會戰; pinyin: Gùilǐu Huìzhàn), also known as the Battle of Guiliu was... Read more

  • Operation Dracula

    During World War II, Operation Dracula was the name given to an airborne and amphibious attack on Rangoon by British and Indian forces, part of the... Read more

  • Battle of Elephant Point

    On May 1, B-24 Liberators heavily bombed known Japanese defenses south of Rangoon as an Air Force observation post, a small detachment from Force... Read more