Race To The Sea timeline

  • Battle of Flirey

    The Battle of Flirey (French: 1re Bataille de Flirey) was a First World War battle fought between the 19th of September and 11th of October 1914.... Read more

  • First Battle of Picardy

    The first battle of Picardy, 22-26 September 1914, was part of the Race to the Sea, the series of encounter battles that decided the location of... Read more

  • Battle of Albert (1914)

    The Battle of Albert began on September 25, 1914 as part of the Race to the Sea during World War I. It directly followed the First Battle of the... Read more

  • First Battle of Arras

    The Battle of Arras (also known as the First Battle of Arras), which began on October 1, 1914, was an attempt by the French Army to outflank the... Read more

  • Battle of La Bassée

    The Battle of La Bassée was a battle between British and German forces in northern France in October 1914, and was part of the Race to the Sea. The... Read more

  • Battle of Messines (1914)

    The battle of Messines was part of the Race to the Sea. In the aftermath of the first battle of the Marne, the staff decided to move the British... Read more

  • Battle of Armentières

    This battle was part of Race to Sea campaign. During this battle the British successfully held the line in their sector, against repeated German... Read more

  • Battle of the Yser

    The Battle of the Yser secured part of the coastline of Belgium for the allies in the "Race to the Sea" after the first three months of World War... Read more