Quebec timeline

  • Articles Of Capitulation Of Quebec Are Signed

    The Articles of Capitulation of Quebec were agreed upon between Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Roch de Ramezay, King's Lieutenant, Admiral Sir Charles... Read more

  • Battle of Longue-Pointe

    Allen and his men crossed the St. Lawrence on the night of the 24th, landing at Longue-Pointe. The inhabitants he met there were friendly, but he... Read more

  • Montreal Is Captured

    General Richard Montgomery led American troops in the capture of Montreal on November 13, 1775. The American presence in Canada proved short-lived.... Read more

  • St-Hilare Train Disaster

    Canada's deadliest wreck occurred at St-Hilaire, Québec, at 1:10 AM on 29 June 1864. A Grand Trunk train with 458 passengers, most of them newly... Read more

  • Quebec Bridge Collapse

    When the huge uncompleted span of the St Lawrence cantilever bridge near Quebec fell into the river on August 29th last, one of the greatest... Read more

  • Laurier Palace Theatre Fire

    About 800 children were enjoying a Sunday matinée at the Laurier Palace Theater on St Catherine Street in Montreal. Panic struck when at 2 p.m. a... Read more

  • Second Quebec Conference Is Held

    Churchill, Roosevelt and their advisers met for a second time in Quebec in a conference codenamed Octagon. (The first Quebec conference had been... Read more