Port Arthur timeline

  • Battle of Port Arthur

    The naval Battle of Port Arthur thus ended inconclusively. The Russians took 150 casualties to around 90 for the Japanese. Although no ship was... Read more

  • Battle of Nanshan

    On 24 May 1904, during a heavy thunderstorm, the Japanese Fourth Division attacked the walled town of Chinchou (modern-day Jinzhou 金州), just north... Read more

  • Battle of Te-li-Ssu

    On 14 June 1904, General Oku, advanced his forces northward toward the entrenched Russian positions near the village of Telissu. General Stakelberg... Read more

  • Battle of Liaoyang

    While the Japanese Army settled down in front of Port Arthur for a siege, a large force under Field Marshal Oyama moved north to secure the... Read more