Peter O'Toole timeline

  • "Lawrence Of Arabia" Is Released

    Lawrence of Arabia is a 1962 British epic film based on the life of T. E. Lawrence. It was directed by David Lean and produced by Austrian Sam... Read more

  • "The Ruling Class" Is Released

    The Ruling Class is a 1972 British comedy film, an adaptation of Peter Barnes' satirical stage play which tells the story of a paranoid... Read more

  • "The Last Emperor" Is Released

    The Last Emperor is a biopic about the life of Puyi, the last Emperor of China, whose autobiography was the basis for the screenplay written by... Read more

  • Troy (movie) released

    Troy is a 2004 epic/action film concerning the Trojan War. It is loosely based on Homer's Iliad, besides material from Virgil's Aeneid and other... Read more