Pandemic timeline

  • Flu Pandemic of 1918

    In the fall of 1918 the Great War in Europe was winding down and peace was on the horizon. The Americans had joined in the fight, bringing the... Read more

  • Hong Kong Flu Pandemic

    The most recent influenza pandemic occurred in 1968 with the Hong Kong Flu (H3N2) outbreak, which resulted in nearly 34,000 deaths in the United... Read more

  • SARS Pandemic

    Severe acute respiratory syndrome is a respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV). There has been one near... Read more

  • H1N1 Virus Is Declared A Global Pandemic

    Influenza A (H1N1) virus is a subtype of influenza A virus and the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans. Some strains of H1N1 are endemic... Read more

  • New Case of Mad Cow Disease in California

    A new case of mad cow disease has surfaced in a dairy cow in California, but the animal was not bound for the nation's food supply and posed no... Read more