Oregon timeline

  • Congress Creates The Oregon Territory

    On August 14, 1848, Congress created the Oregon Territory, an area encompassing present-day Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and parts of western Montana... Read more

  • Oregon is the 33rd State Admitted to the Union

    Act of Congress Admitting Oregon to the Union (dated February 14, 1859) Whereas the people of Oregon have framed, ratified and adopted a... Read more

  • The Portland Gale

    It is estimated that over 150 vessels were lost, both in the harbors and at sea. Many were never heard from after sailing. Miles of coastline from... Read more

  • Vanport City Flood

    At about 4:17 PM the western (railroad) dike burst, sending a 10 ft (3.0 m) wall of water into the area of Vanport College. Because of the numerous... Read more

  • 2007 Portland Gay Pride Parade

    ‚ÄúPortland Pride cannot be funded entirely with donations and booth fees. Rather than charge admission or raise booth fees, Pride Northwest has... Read more

  • 2008 Portland Gay Pride Parade

    Pride Northwest, Inc. invites you to join us at Portland Pride Festival and Parade 2008. The Pride festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday,... Read more

  • 2009 Portland Gay Pride Parade

    Antionette Golden watched the waving rainbow flags and smiling float riders in the Portland Pride Parade drift by from a street corner with her... Read more