Operations North Of Boston Mountains timeline

  • Battle of Moore's Mill

    The Battle of Moore’s Mill was an American Civil War battle that took place in northeast Missouri on July 28, 1862 along Auxvasse Creek near modern... Read more

  • Battle of Kirksville

    The Battle of Kirksville was a battle in the American Civil War, fought near the town of Kirksville, Missouri, on August 6, 1862. The Union victory... Read more

  • Battle of Compton's Ferry - Confederate Recruiting Efforts Suppressed

    The Battle of Compton's Ferry (also known as Little Compton Ferry) was an action during the American Civil War, occurring August 11, 1862, along... Read more

  • First Battle of Newtonia

    Description: Following the Battle of Pea Ridge, in March 1862, most Confederate and Union troops left northwestern Arkansas and southwestern... Read more

  • Battle of Old Fort Wayne

    Description: Brig. Gen. James G. Blunt and his troops attacked Col. Douglas H. Cooper and his Confederate command on Beatties Prairie near Old Fort... Read more

  • Skirmish at Island Mound

    The Skirmish at Island Mound was a skirmish of the American Civil War, occurring from October 27 to October 29, 1862, in Bates County, Missouri.... Read more

  • Battle of Clark's Mill

    Description: Having received reports that Confederate troops were in the area, Capt. Hiram E. Barstow, Union commander at Clark’s Mill, sent a... Read more