Operation Overlord timeline

  • Canadian Forces Launch Operation Windsor

    Operation Windsor was a Canadian offensive launched as part of the Battle of Normandy during World War II. Taking place between 4–5 July 1944, the... Read more

  • Operation Charnwood Begins

    Operation Charnwood was a Second World War Anglo-Canadian offensive that took place from 8–9 July 1944, during the Battle of Normandy. The... Read more

  • Operation Jupiter (1944)

    Operation Jupiter was an attack launched by the British Second Army's VIII Corps on 10 July. The objective of the attack was to capture the... Read more

  • Second Battle of the Odon

    As preparation for Goodwood was under way, Second Army launched two preliminary operations. The purpose of these operations, Montgomery stated was... Read more

  • Liberation of Caen

    On 18 July 942 Allied bombers and fighters attacked five villages on the eastern end of Caen in order to facilitate Operation Goodwood. The attacks... Read more

  • Operation Atlantic

    Operation Atlantic was a Canadian offensive during the Battle of Normandy; launched in conjunction with Operation Goodwood, from July 18–20, 1944.... Read more

  • Operation Goodwood

    Operation Goodwood was an attack launched on 18 July 1944, during the Second World War, by the British army to the east of the city of Caen.... Read more

  • Battle of Verrières Ridge

    The Battle of Verrières Ridge was a series of engagements fought as part of the Battle of Normandy, in western France, during the Second World War.... Read more

  • Operation Spring

    Operation Spring was an offensive operation conducted by II Canadian Corps during the Normandy campaign. The plan was intended to create pressure... Read more

  • Operation Cobra

    Operation Cobra was the codename for an offensive launched by the First United States Army eight weeks after the D-Day landings, during the... Read more

  • Operation Bluecoat

    Operation Bluecoat was an attack by the British Second Army at the Battle of Normandy during World War II, from 30 July 1944 to 7 August 1944. The... Read more

  • Germans Launch Counterattack Near American Positions Near Mortain, France

    Operation Lüttich was a codename given to a German counterattack during the Battle of Normandy, which took place around the American positions near... Read more

  • Operation Totalize

    Operation Totalize (also referred to as "Operation Totalise" in some more recent British sources) was an offensive launched by Allied troops of the... Read more

  • Operation Tractable

    Operation Tractable was the final Canadian–Polish offensive to take place during the Battle of Normandy. Its aim was to capture the strategically... Read more

  • German Position in Normandy Collapses after Fierce Fighting at Hill 262

    Hill 262 or Mont Ormel ridge, nicknamed The Mace (elevation 262 metres (860 ft)), was the location of a pivotal engagement fought as part of the... Read more

  • Liberation of Paris

    The Liberation of Paris (also known as Battle for Paris) took place during World War II from August 19, 1944 until the surrender of the occupying... Read more

  • German Forces Surrender at Brest

    The Battle for Brest was one of the fiercest battles fought during Operation Cobra, the Allied breakout of Normandy which began on 27 July 1944,... Read more