Ontario timeline

  • Hurricane Hazel

    Leaving a death toll in Hati of more than 200 and an injured list of at least 500, according to unofficial reports reaching here, Hurricane Hazel... Read more

  • 2000 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    "Heroic Past, Proud Future" - a time to look back on all that LGBT communities have accomplished and gird our loins for battles yet to be won.... Read more

  • 2001 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    "Love" is in the air at Pride 2001. Our LGBTTIQ community proudly unites to discover, celebrate and express love for our partners, our... Read more

  • 2002 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    "Uncensored!" was the theme for the 2002 Pride Toronto celebrations. J.P. Hornick and Rachel Aitcheson of the Toronto Women's Bathouse Committee... Read more

  • 2003 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    The theme for Pride Week 2003 was: Pride 3D: "Diverse • Defiant • Divine." Read more

  • 2004 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    The theme for Pride Week 2004 was: "Bursting with Fruit Flavours". Grand Marshal George Hislop was a long time community activist and hero. He was... Read more

  • 2005 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    One of North America's largest celebrations of gay culture took over downtown Toronto on Sunday. Michael Leshner -- one-half of Canada's first... Read more

  • 2006 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    Tens of thousands of people lined downtown streets Sunday for one of the largest gay and lesbian Pride celebrations in North America. The... Read more

  • 2007 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    Canada's largest gay pride celebration wrapped up Sunday with Toronto's famous Pride Parade. The parade is Pride Week's signature event and is... Read more

  • 2008 Toronto Gay Pride Parade

    Hoping that everyone celebrating Gay Pride this summer will have a wonderful time!! Some photos I took yesterday at Toronto's 28th annual Gay and... Read more