Netherlands timeline

  • Delft Explosion

    The catastrophe is know as "The Delft Thunderclap" from the town where it happened, and took place at 11 in the forenoon of 12th October, 1654. At... Read more

  • Bijlmer Disaster

    At 6:35 pm local time, the Boeing 747, in nearly a ninety-degree bank with its right wing pointing at the ground, ploughed into two high-rise... Read more

  • 2008 Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade

    The highlight of Amsterdam Pride will continue to be the illustrious Canal Parade on Saturday 2 August between 14:00 and 18:00. It is the only Gay... Read more

  • Spain Defeats Netherlands to Win the 2010 FIFA World Cup

    In Sunday's overtime game against the Netherlands, Spain won its first-ever World Cup Trophy, 1-0. On Monday, their home country greeted the team... Read more