Neo-Plasticism timeline

  • Piet Mondrian is Born

    Pieter Cornelis Mondrian was born on March 7th 1872 in Amersvoort in central Holland and lived there for the first eight years of his life. He was... Read more

  • Mondrian's Interest in Theosophy Begins

    Mondrian's art was always intimately related to his spiritual and philosophical studies. In 1908 he became interested in the theosophical movement... Read more

  • Mondrian Returns to France

    When the war ended in 1919, Mondrian returned to France, where he would remain until 1938. Immersed in the crucible of artistic innovation that was... Read more

  • Van Doesburg and Mondrian Split

    The friendship between Van Doesburg and Mondrian remained strong in these years, although their primary way of communication was by letter. In 1923... Read more

  • Mondrian Dies

    Piet Mondrian died of pneumonia on February 1, 1944 and was interred in the Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. On 3 February 1944, a... Read more