Mongols timeline

  • Mongol Invasion of China

    Mongke Khan dispatched Kublai to the Dali Kingdom in 1253 to outflank the Song. The Gao faimly, dominated the court, resisted and murdered Mongol... Read more

  • Mongol Conquests

    The Mongol invasions (also Turco-Mongol) progressed throughout the 13th century, resulting in the vast Mongol Empire covering much of Asia and... Read more

  • Mongol Conquest of Siberia

    The Mongols had long maintained intimate relations with the peoples of Siberian forest (taiga). They called those in the forest "People of the... Read more

  • Mongol-Jin Dynasty War

    Wanyan Heda's Jin army still had more than 100,000 men after the battle at Mount Yu, and the Mongols adopted a strategy of exhausting the enemy.... Read more

  • Mongol Invasion of Central Asia

    Driven from China by the Jurchen Jin Dynasty, in 1124 some Khitans moved westward under Yeh-lü Ta-shih’s leadership and created the Kara khitan... Read more

  • Mongol Conquest of the Song Dynasty

    Bayan of the Baarin, the Mongol commander, then sent half of his force up river to wade to the south bank in order to build a bridge across to take... Read more

  • Battle of Ain Jalut

    The Battle of Ain Jalut (or Ayn Jalut, in Arabic: عين جالوت, the "Spring of Goliath") took place on 3 September 1260 between the Egyptian Mamluks... Read more

  • Second Battle of Hims

    The second Battle of Hims was fought, on October 29, 1281, between the armies of the Mamluk dynasty of Egypt and Ilkhanate, division of the Mongol... Read more