MLB timeline

  • 1905 World Series

    The 1905 World Series matched the New York Giants against the Philadelphia Athletics, with the Giants winning four games to one. Four of the five... Read more

  • 1906 World Series

    e 1906 World Series featured a crosstown matchup between the Chicago Cubs, who had posted the highest regular-season win total (116) and winning... Read more

  • 1907 World Series

    The 1907 World Series featured the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers, with the Cubs winning the Series four games to none (with one tie) for... Read more

  • 1908 World Series

    The 1908 World Series matched the defending champion Chicago Cubs against the Detroit Tigers in a rematch of the 1907 Series. In this first-ever... Read more

  • 1909 World Series

    The 1909 World Series featured the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Tigers. The Pirates won the Series in seven games to capture their first... Read more

  • 1910 World Series

    The 1910 World Series featured the Philadelphia Athletics and the Chicago Cubs, with the Athletics winning in five games to earn their first... Read more

  • 1911 World Series

    In the 1911 World Series, the Philadelphia Athletics beat the New York Giants four games to two. Philadelphia third baseman Frank "Home Run" Baker... Read more

  • Fenway Park Opens

    After two rain delays, Fenway Park finally hosted its first professional baseball game on April 20, 1912. (The first official game played in Fenway... Read more

  • 1912 World Series

    In the 1912 World Series, the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Giants four games to three (with one tie). This dramatic series showcased great... Read more

  • 1913 World Series

    In the 1913 World Series, the Philadelphia Athletics beat the New York Giants four games to one. The A's pitching gave the edge to a... Read more

  • Wrigley Field Opens

    Originally known as Weeghman Park, Wrigley Field was built on the grounds once occupied by a seminary. -- Weeghman Park was the home of... Read more

  • 1914 World Series

    In the 1914 World Series, the Boston Braves beat the Philadelphia Athletics in a four-games sweep. A contender for greatest upset of all time, the... Read more

  • 1915 World Series

    In the 1915 World Series, the Boston Red Sox beat the Philadelphia Phillies four games to one. In their only World Series before 1950, the... Read more

  • 1916 World Series

    In the 1916 World Series, the Boston Red Sox beat the Brooklyn Robins (a.k.a. Dodgers) four games to one. Casey Stengel shined on offense for the... Read more

  • 1917 World Series

    In the 1917 World Series, the Chicago White Sox beat the New York Giants four games to two. The Series was played against the backdrop of World War... Read more

  • 1918 World Series

    The 1918 World Series featured the Boston Red Sox, who defeated the Chicago Cubs four games to two. The Series victory for the Red Sox was their... Read more

  • Jackie Robinson Born

    Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia, the youngest of five children during a Spanish flu and smallpox epidemic. His older... Read more

  • 1920 World Series

    In the 1920 World Series, the Cleveland Indians beat the Brooklyn Dodgers, then known interchangeably as the Robins in reference to their manager... Read more

  • 1921 World Series

    In the 1921 World Series, the New York Giants beat the New York Yankees five games to three. This was the last of the experimental... Read more

  • 1922 World Series

    In the 1922 World Series, the New York Giants beat the New York Yankees in five games (four games to none with one tie; starting this year the... Read more

  • Babe Ruth wins AL MVP

    The Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) is an annual Major League Baseball (MLB) award given to one outstanding player in each... Read more

  • 1923 World Series

    In the 1923 World Series, the New York Yankees beat the New York Giants in six games. This would be the first of the Yankees' 27 World Series... Read more

  • 1924 World Series

    In the 1924 World Series, the Washington Senators beat the New York Giants in seven games. Though the Senators (interchangeably called the... Read more

  • 1925 World Series

    In the 1925 World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the defending champion Washington Senators in seven games. In a reversal of fortune on all... Read more

  • 1926 World Series

    The 1926 World Series was the championship series of the 1926 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, featuring the St. Louis Cardinals against the New... Read more