Military Operations timeline

  • Battle of the Atlantic

    The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous military campaign of World War II, (though some say it was a series of naval military... Read more

  • Operation Nachshon

    Operation Nachshon was an Israeli military operation during the 1947-1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine. Its objective was to open up the... Read more

  • The US-led Invasion of Iraq Begins

    At approximately 02:30 UTC, or about 90 minutes after the lapse of the 48-hour deadline, at 5:30 am local time, explosions were heard in Baghdad.... Read more

  • Baghdad Falls to US Troops

    San Francisco Chronicle - After a spectacular foray in the early morning, with U.S. and Iraqi troops trading bursts of fire, the Americans captured... Read more

  • Operation Peninsula Strike

    Operation Peninsula Strike was a series of raids conducted by American troops from June 9 to June 13, 2003 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It... Read more