Luchino Visconti timeline

  • "Ossessione" Is Released

    Ossessione (Obsession) is a 1942 film based on the novel, The Postman Always Rings Twice, by James M. Cain. Luchino Visconti’s first feature film,... Read more

  • "Rocco And His Brothers" Is Released

    Rocco e i suoi fratelli (English: Rocco and His Brothers is a 1960 Italian and French film directed by Luchino Visconti. Set in Milan, it tells the... Read more

  • "The Leopard" Is Released

    The Leopard (Italian: Il Gattopardo) is an award-winning 1963 film by Italian director Luchino Visconti, based on Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's... Read more

  • "The Damned" Is Released

    The Damned (Italian: La caduta degli dei, German: Die Verdammten (Götterdämmerung)) is a 1969 film by Luchino Visconti. The Damned has often... Read more

  • "Death In Venice" Is Released

    Death in Venice (Italian: Morte a Venezia) is a 1971 film directed by Luchino Visconti and starring Dirk Bogarde and Björn Andrésen. The film is... Read more