Louis XVI timeline

  • Day of the Tiles

    The Day of the Tiles (French: JournĂ©e des Tuiles) is an event that took place in the French town of Grenoble on June 7, 1788. It was among the... Read more

  • The August Decrees: Abolition of French Feudalism

    The next major event of the revolution occurred on 4 August 1789, when the National Constituent Assembly abolished feudalism, sweeping away both... Read more

  • The March on Versailles

    The March on Versailles, also known as The Bread March of Women, and The Women's March on Versailles, was an event in the French Revolution.... Read more

  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    The Civil Constitution of the Clergy (French: "Constitution civile du clergĂ©") was a law passed on 12 July 1790 during the French Revolution, that... Read more

  • Day of Daggers

    The Day of Daggers or 'Day of Poignards' was an event during the French Revolution which occurred on 28 February 1791 when the Marquis de Lafayette... Read more

  • Flight to Varennes

    The Flight to Varennes ( 20-25 June 1791 ) was a significant episode in the French Revolution during which King Louis XVI of France and his... Read more

  • Declaration of Pillnitz

    The Declaration of Pillnitz on August 27, 1791, was a statement issued at the Castle of Pillnitz in Saxony (south of Dresden) by the Habsburg Holy... Read more