Louis Malle timeline

  • "The Silent World" Is Released

    The Silent World (French: Le Monde du silence) is a French documentary film released in 1956, co-directed by the famed French oceanographer... Read more

  • "The Lovers" Is Released

    The Lovers (Les Amants) is a 1958 French film about adultery and rediscovering human love, directed by Louis Malle and starring Jeanne Moreau. It... Read more

  • "Murmur Of The Heart" Is Released

    Murmur of the Heart (French: Le souffle au cœur) is a 1971 French motion picture by French director Louis Malle that tells a coming of age story... Read more

  • "Lacombe, Lucien" Is Released

    Lacombe Lucien (in English, Lacombe, Lucien) (1974) is a French film that tells the story of a teenage boy during the German occupation of France... Read more

  • "Pretty Baby" Is Released

    Pretty Baby (1978) is an Academy Award-nominated historical fiction, dramatic film directed by Louis Malle. The screenplay was written by Polly... Read more

  • "Atlantic City" Is Released

    Atlantic City is a film directed by Louis Malle. Filmed in late 1979, it was released in France and Germany in 1980 and in the United States in... Read more

  • "My Dinner With Andre" Is Released

    My Dinner with Andre is a 1981 film starring Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn, written by Gregory and Shawn, and directed by Louis Malle. The... Read more

  • "Au Revoir, Les Enfants" Is Released

    Au revoir, les enfants (French for Goodbye, Children) is a 1987 film written, produced and directed by Louis Malle. The screenplay was published by... Read more