Kentucky timeline

  • Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire

    The Beverly Hills nightclub in Southgate, Kentucky, was destroyed in a disastrous fire in 1977 in which 165 people perished. The club had a... Read more

  • Carrollton Bus Collision

    About 11:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday May 14, 1988, Larry Mahoney, a drunk driver in a pickup truck traveling in the wrong direction on an interstate... Read more

  • Comair Flight 5191 Crash

    The National Transportation Safety Board said the evidence so far shows that the Comair jet that crashed on takeoff in Kentucky Sunday morning took... Read more

  • 2010 Tennessee Floods

    President Barack Obama has granted Governor Bredesen’s request for Federal Emergency Assistance for Tennessee. Cheatham, Davidson, Hickman and... Read more