Joseph Joffre timeline

  • The Battle of Mulhouse

    The Battle of Mulhouse (or Mülhausen), which began on August 9, 1914, was the opening attack of World War I by the French army against Germany. The... Read more

  • Siege of Maubeuge

    Skilful Retreat Conducted by Foch De Castelnau's Lorraine army was still in peril, however, and a further withdrawal across the Seille and... Read more

  • First Battle of the Marne (the Miracle of the Marne)

    The Battle of the Marne (French: 1re Bataille de la Marne) (also known as the Miracle of the Marne) was a First World War battle fought between the... Read more

  • First Battle of the Aisne

    The First Battle of the Aisne (French: 1re Bataille de l'Aisne) was the Allied follow-up offensive against the right wing of the German First Army... Read more