Jordan timeline

  • Petra Built

    Petra (Greek "πέτρα" (petra), meaning rock; Arabic: البتراء, Al-Batrāʾ) is a historic and archaeological city in the Jordanian governorate of... Read more

  • Arab-Israeli War

    The 1948 Arab–Israeli War, known by the Israelis as the War of Independence and War of Liberation, and by Palestinians as the Catastrophe, was the... Read more

  • Armistice agreements signed, West Bank/Gaza divided between Jordan and Egypt

    The 1949 Armistice Agreements are a set of agreements signed during 1949 between Israel and neighboring Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. The... Read more

  • Khartoum Resolution issued

    Following the 6-day war of 1967, the Israel unity government declared on June 19, 1967 that it was ready to return the Golan Heights to Syria,... Read more

  • Battle of Karameh

    The Battle of Karameh was fought on March 21, 1968 in the Jordanian town of Karameh between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and a combined force of... Read more

  • Black September

    September 1970 is known as the Black September in Arab history and sometimes is referred to as the "era of regrettable events." It was a month when... Read more

  • Madrid Conference

    The Madrid Conference was hosted by the government of Spain and co-sponsored by the USA and the USSR. It convened on October 30, 1991 and lasted... Read more

  • Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty signed

    The Israel–Jordan Treaty of Peace (full name: Treaty of Peace Between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) is a peace treaty... Read more

  • Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (Oslo II) signed

    Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip or Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement, or simply the Interim Agreement, also known as Oslo... Read more