Jean Simmons timeline

  • "Great Expectations" Is Released

    Great Expectations is a 1946 British film directed by David Lean and based on the novel by Charles Dickens. It stars John Mills, Valerie Hobson,... Read more

  • "Black Narcissus" Is Released

    Black Narcissus (1947) is a film by the British director-writer team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, based on the novel of the same name... Read more

  • "Hamlet" Is Released

    Hamlet is a 1948 British film adaptation of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, directed by and starring Sir Laurence Olivier. Hamlet was Olivier's... Read more

  • The Robe (film) released

    The Robe is a 1953 Biblical epic film that tells the story of a Roman military tribune who commands the unit that crucifies Jesus. The film was... Read more

  • "Elmer Gantry" Is Released

    Elmer Gantry is a 1960 drama film about a con man and a female evangelist selling religion to small town America. Adapted by director Richard... Read more

  • "Spartacus" Is Released

    Spartacus is a (1960) historical drama movie directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the novel of the same name by Howard Fast about the... Read more