Islamic Modernism timeline

  • Jamal al-Din al-Afghani is born

    Sayyid Jamāl-al-dīn al-Afghānī (Persian: سید جمال الدین الافغاني; actually Sayyid Muḥammad ibn Ṣafdar -سید محمد بن صفدر)(born 1838 - died March 9,... Read more

  • Muhammad Abduh is born

    The Egyptian reformer and Muslim apologist Muhammad 'Abduh was a pupil and friend of al-Afghani. Although deeply influenced by him, 'Abduh was less... Read more

  • Rashid Rida is born

    Muhammad Rashid Rida (September 23, 1865, Syria - August 22, 1935, Egypt) is said to have been "one of the most influential scholars and jurists of... Read more