Islam timeline

  • Mahmud Ghaznavid dies

    The last four years of Mahmud's life were spent contending with the influx of Oghuz Turkic horse tribes from Central Asia, the Buyid Dynasty and... Read more

  • The Caliphate of Cordoba ends

    The death of al-Hakam II in 976 marked the beginning of the end of the Caliphate of Córdoba. Before his death, al-Hakam named his 14 year old son... Read more

  • Yusuf bin Tashfin founds Marrakesh

    Prior to the advent of the Almoravids in the 11th century, the area was ruled from the city of Aghmat. The Almoravid leader, Abu-Bakr Ibn-Umar... Read more

  • The First Crusade

    The First Crusade was a military expedition by European Christians against Muslim territory in the Levant, which resulted in the capture of... Read more

  • The Second Crusade

    The Second Crusade (1147–1149) was the second major crusade launched from Europe. It was called in 1145, in response to the fall of the County of... Read more

  • Siege of Damascus

    The Siege of Damascus took place over four days in July 1148, during the Second Crusade. It ended in a decisive crusader defeat and led to the... Read more

  • The Battle of Jacob's Ford

    Jerusalem has been and is considered by many to be one of the holiest cities in the world. For this reason, Christians and Muslims fought for... Read more

  • Battle of Hattin

    The Battle of Hattin (also known as "The Horns of Hattin" because of a nearby extinct volcano of the same name) took place on Saturday, July 4,... Read more

  • Siege of Jerusalem (1187)

    The Siege of Jerusalem took place from September 20 to October 2, 1187. It resulted in the recapture of Jerusalem by Saladin and the near total... Read more

  • The Third Crusade

    The Third Crusade (1189–1192), also known as the Kings' Crusade, was an attempt by European leaders to reconquer the Holy Land from Saladin (Salāh... Read more

  • The First Battle of Tarain

    The First Battle of Tarain, was fought in 1191 at the town of Tarain (Taraori), near Thanesar in present-day Haryana, approximately 150 kilometers... Read more

  • The Second Battle of Tarain

    The following year Sultan Muḥammad Shahābuddīn Ghorī returned to India with a large force numbering 120,000. When he reached Lahore, he sent his... Read more

  • Mongol Conquests

    The Mongol invasions (also Turco-Mongol) progressed throughout the 13th century, resulting in the vast Mongol Empire covering much of Asia and... Read more

  • Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, end of the Almohad rule in Spain

    The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa took place on 16 July 1212 and was an important turning point in the Reconquista and in the medieval history of... Read more

  • Mamluk Bahri Dynasty of Egypt

    The Bahri dynasty or Bahriyya Mamluks (al-Mamalik al-Bahariyya المماليك البحرية ) was a Mamluk dynasty of mostly Kipchak Turkic origin that ruled... Read more

  • Battle of Ain Jalut

    The Battle of Ain Jalut (or Ayn Jalut, in Arabic: عين جالوت, the "Spring of Goliath") took place on 3 September 1260 between the Egyptian Mamluks... Read more

  • Second Battle of Hims

    The second Battle of Hims was fought, on October 29, 1281, between the armies of the Mamluk dynasty of Egypt and Ilkhanate, division of the Mongol... Read more

  • Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Dynasty (or the Imperial House of Osman) (Turkish: Osmanlı Hânedanı) ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1299 to 1922, beginning with Osman I... Read more

  • Mamluk Burji Dynasty of Egypt

    The Burji dynasty المماليك البرجية ruled Egypt from 1382 until 1517. It proved especially turbulent, with short-lived sultans. Political... Read more

  • Battle of Kosovo

    The Battle of Kosovo was a battle fought in 1389 on St Vitus' Day, June 15*, between the Serbian Empire and its allies, and the Ottoman Empire, in... Read more

  • Battle of Ankara (Battle of Angora)

    The Battle of Ankara or Battle of Angora, fought on July 20, 1402, took place at the field of Çubuk (near Ankara) between the forces of the Ottoman... Read more

  • Safavid Dynasty of Iran

    The Safavids (Persian: صفویان; Azerbaijani: صفوی‌لر) were one of the most significant ruling dynasties of Iran. They ruled the greatest Iranian... Read more

  • Mughal Empire of India

    The Mughal Empire (Persian: شاهان مغول Shāhān-e Moġul; self-designation: گوركانى - Gūrkānī), (or Mogul Empire in former English usage), was an... Read more

  • Battle of Panipat (1526)

    The first battle of Panipat took place in Northern India, and marked the beginning of the Mughal Empire. This was one of the earliest battles... Read more

  • Battle of Mohács

    The Battle of Mohács (Hungarian: mohácsi csata or mohácsi vész, Turkish: Mohaç savaşı or Mohaç meydan savaşı) was fought on August 29, 1526 near... Read more