Holy Roman Empire timeline

  • Second Defenstration of Prague

    The Second Defenestration of Prague was central to the start of the Thirty Years' War in 1618. Some members of the Bohemian aristocracy rebelled... Read more

  • Siege of Pilsen

    On September 19, 1618, Mansfeld's army reached the outskirts of the city. The defenders blocked two city gates and the third one was reinforced... Read more

  • Battle of Fleurus

    The Battle of Fleurus of August 29, 1622 was fought between a Spanish army, and the Protestant Powers of the Holy Roman Empire in the Thirty Years'... Read more

  • Battle of Dessau Bridge

    The Battle of Dessau Bridge (German: Schlacht bei Dessau) was a battle of the Thirty Years' War near Dessau on April 25, 1626. The Imperial Roman... Read more

  • Battle of Stralsund

    The Battle of Stralsund was a battle of the Thirty Years' War, fought starting July 5, 1628, between the Holy Roman Empire and an alliance of the... Read more

  • Battle of Wolgast

    Christian IV of Denmark, encouraged by his successes at Stralsund, assembled another army off the German coast on the Island of Usedom. This landed... Read more

  • Sack of Magdeburg

    The Sack of Magdeburg (German: Magdeburgs Opfergang or German: Magdeburger Hochzeit) refers to the siege and subsequent plundering of Magdeburg by... Read more

  • Battle of Werben

    The Battle of Werben was a battle of the Thirty Years' War, fought on July 22, 1631, between the Swedish Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. The... Read more

  • Battle of Breitenfeld

    The Battle of Breitenfeld (German: Schlacht bei Breitenfeld; Swedish: Slaget vid Breitenfeld) or First Battle of Breitenfeld (sometimes First... Read more

  • The Siege of Nürnberg

    The Siege of Nuremberg or Siege of Nürnberg was a battle campaign that took place in 1632 about the Imperial Free City of Nürnberg (Nuremberg)... Read more

  • Battle of Rain

    The Battle of Rain (also called the Battle of the River Lech or Battle of Lech) was fought on April 15, 1632, as part of the Thirty Years' War. The... Read more

  • Battle of Lützen

    The Battle of Lützen (1632) was one of the most decisive battles of the Thirty Years' War. It was a Protestant victory, but cost the life of one of... Read more

  • Wallenstein Assassinated in Cheb

    In December Wallenstein retired with his army to Bohemia, around Pilsen. Vienna soon definitely convinced itself of his treachery, a secret court... Read more

  • Battle of Nördlingen (1634)

    The Battle of Nördlingen (Spanish: Batalla de Nördlingen; German: Schlacht bei Nördlingen; Swedish: Slaget vid Nördlingen) was fought on 27 August... Read more

  • The Peace of Prague (1635)

    The Peace of Prague of 30 May 1635 was a treaty between the Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand II, and most of the Protestant states of the Empire. It... Read more

  • Battle of Wittstock

    The Battle of Wittstock was fought on 24 September (Julian calendar) or 4 October (Gregorian calendar) 1636, between a Protestant Swedish army and... Read more

  • Battle of Rheinfelden

    The Battle of Rheinfelden was in fact two battles fought in 1638 to the north and south of the present-day town of Rheinfelden between a mercenary... Read more

  • The Siege of Breisach Ends in a French Victory

    Battle of Breisach was fought on August 18 — December 17, 1638 as part of Thirty Years' War. It ended when a garrison of the Holy Roman Empire... Read more

  • Second Battle of Breitenfeld

    The Second Battle of Breitenfeld, also known as the First Battle of Leipzig (October 23, 1642), took place at Breitenfeld (4 miles north-east of... Read more

  • Battle of Rocroi

    The Battle of Rocroi was fought on 19 May 1643, late in the Thirty Years' War. It resulted in a decisive victory of the French army under the Duc... Read more

  • Battle of Tuttlingen

    The Battle of Tuttlingen was fought in Tuttlingen on November 24, 1643. Those involved in the conflict were the French forces led by Marshal Josias... Read more

  • Battle of Freiburg

    The Battle of Freiburg, also called the Three Day Battle, took place on August 3, August 5 and August 9, 1644 as part of the Thirty Years' War. The... Read more

  • Battle of Zusmarshausen

    The Battle of Zusmarshausen was fought on May 7, 1648 between the Holy Roman Empire and Sweden and France (led by Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne,... Read more

  • The Peace of Westphalia is Achieved through the Treaties of Osnabrück and Münster

    The term Peace of Westphalia refers to the two peace treaties of Osnabrück and Münster, signed on May 15 and October 24, 1648, respectively, and... Read more

  • Signing of the Treaty of Ryswick

    The Treaty of Ryswick or Ryswyck was signed on 20 September 1697 and named after Ryswick (now known as Rijswijk) in the Dutch Republic. The treaty... Read more