Helmet timeline

  • Helmet release Strap It On

    Strap It On is the first album by Helmet. Originally released in 1990 through Amphetamine Reptile Records, it was subsequently rereleased by... Read more

  • Helmet release Meantime

    Meantime is the second album and major-label debut by Helmet, released in 1992 on Interscope Records. Meantime has continued to sell consistently... Read more

  • Helmet release Betty

    Betty is the third album by Helmet, released in 1994 on Interscope. The album was highly anticipated by both music critics and fans as a result of... Read more

  • The Jerky Boys: The Movie released

    The Jerky Boys: The Movie, also known as The Jerky Boys, is a 1995 comedy/crime film starring John G. Brennan and Kamal Ahmed, best known as the... Read more

  • Helmet release Born Annoying

    Born Annoying is a compilation album of Helmet's early songs, released in 1995 by their old label, Amphetamine Reptile, a.k.a. AmRep. It is a... Read more

  • Helmet release Aftertaste

    Aftertaste is the fourth album by Helmet, released in 1997 on Interscope. This proved to be Helmet's final album with original members John Stanier... Read more

  • Helmet release Size Matters

    Size Matters is the fifth album by Helmet, released in 2004 through Interscope. It is the first new album since the band ended with a bitter break... Read more

  • Helmet release Monochrome

    Monochrome is the sixth album by Helmet, released in 2006 through Warcon. This is the third Helmet album in a row to be recorded as a three-piece,... Read more

  • Helmet release Seeing Eye Dog

    Seeing Eye Dog is the seventh studio album by Helmet, released on September 7, 2010 via Work Song, the label imprint shared by singer/songwriter... Read more