Hamas timeline

  • Jaffa Road bus bombings

    The Jaffa Road bus bombings were attacks on two No. 18 buses in Jerusalem, Israel in 1996. Hamas suicide bombers killed 45 people in the attacks,... Read more

  • Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing

    Location: Jerusalem 2:00 pm – Attack type: suicide bomber Deaths: 15 Injured: 130 Perpetrator(s): Hamas The Sbarro restaurant suicide... Read more

  • Passover massacre

    Location: Netanya Attack type: suicide bomber Deaths: 30 Perpetrator(s): Hamas The Passover massacre (also known as the Netanya Bombing or... Read more

  • Matza restaurant suicide bombing

    Location: Haifa, Israel Attack type: suicide bomber Deaths: 16 Injured: 40+ Perpetrator(s): Hamas The Matza restaurant suicide bombing... Read more