Grenada timeline

  • Battle of Grenada

    The French fleet, under Admiral Comte d'Estaing, consisted of 25 ships of the line and several frigates. The British fleet, under Vice-Admiral John... Read more

  • Hurricane Hazel

    Leaving a death toll in Hati of more than 200 and an injured list of at least 500, according to unofficial reports reaching here, Hurricane Hazel... Read more

  • Operation Urgent Fury

    The Invasion of Grenada, codenamed Operation Urgent Fury, was a 1983 U.S.-led invasion of Grenada, a Caribbean island nation of just over 100,000... Read more

  • Ronald Reagan Orders U.S. Troops to Invade Grenada

    On October 25, 1983, only two days later, Reagan ordered U.S. forces to invade Grenada, where a 1979 coup d'├ętat had established a Marxist-Leninist... Read more