French Revolution timeline

  • France Abolishes Monarchy

    On the night of 10 August 1792, insurgents, supported by a new revolutionary Paris Commune, assailed the Tuileries. The royal family ended up... Read more

  • War in the Vendee

    The War in the Vendée (1793 to 1796) was a civil war and counterrevolution in the Vendée between suppressed Catholics and Royalists on the one hand... Read more

  • First Coalition

    The First Coalition (1793–1797) was the first major concerted effort of multiple European powers to contain Revolutionary France. It took shape... Read more

  • Battle of Neerwinden

    The Battle of Neerwinden took place on (18 March 1793) near the village of Neerwinden in present-day Belgium between the Austrians under Prince... Read more

  • Committee of Public Safety formed

    The Committee of Public Safety (French: Comité de salut public), created in April 1793 by the National Convention and then restructured July 1793,... Read more

  • The Reign of Terror

    The Reign of Terror (June, 1793 – July 27, 1794), also known as the The Terror (French: la Terreur) was a period of violence that occurred for one... Read more

  • "Levee en Masse" is declared in France

    The first modern use levée en masse occurred during the French Revolutionary Wars. Under the Ancien Régime, there had been some conscription (by... Read more

  • Law of Suspects

    The Law of Suspects is a term which is used to refer to an enactment passed on September 17, 1793 during the course of the French Revolution. It... Read more

  • Convention Passes the General Maximum

    General Maximum or The Law of the Maximum was a law created during the course of the French Revolution as an extension of the Law of Suspects on 29... Read more

  • Marie Antoinette Is Executed

    Marie Antoinette was declared guilty of treason in the early morning of 16 October, after two days of proceedings. The same day at 12:15 pm, two... Read more

  • The First Issue of Le Vieux Cordelier is Published

    During the French Revolution, Le Vieux Cordelier was a journal of which seven issues were published, between 5 December 1793 and 25 January 1794.... Read more

  • The White Terror

    The White Terror took place in 1794, during the period known as the Thermidorian Reaction, in the aftermath of the Reign of Terror. It was... Read more

  • The Last Edition of Jacques Hebert's Le Pere Duchesne is Produced

    Le Père Duchesne (Old Man Duchesne or Father Duchesne) was an extreme radical newspaper during the French Revolution, edited by Jacques Hébert, who... Read more

  • The National Convention Establishes the Cult of the Supreme Being

    The Cult of the Supreme Being (French: Culte de l'Être suprême) was a form of deism devised by Maximilien Robespierre, intended to become the state... Read more

  • Law of 22 Prairial

    Every citizen is empowered to seize conspirators and counterrevolutionaries, and to bring them before the magistrates. He is required to denounce... Read more

  • Battle of Fleurus

    In the Battle of Fleurus (26 June 1794) French forces under Jourdan defeated an Austrian army under Saxe-Cobourg in one of the most decisive... Read more

  • Thermidorian Reaction

    The Thermidorian Reaction was a revolt in the French Revolution against the excesses of the Reign of Terror. It was triggered by a vote of the... Read more

  • Peace of Basel

    The Peace of Basel of 1795 consists of three peace treaties involving France (represented by François de Barthélemy). France made peace with... Read more

  • French Constitution of 1795

    The Constitution of 22 August 1795 (also known as the Constitution of the Year III, or the Constitution of 5 Fructidor) was a national constitution... Read more

  • Battle of Lodi

    The Battle of Lodi was fought on May 10, 1796 between French forces under General Napoleon Bonaparte and an Austrian rear guard led by Karl... Read more

  • The Siege of Mantua

    On June 4, 1796, during the Napoleonic Wars, Mantua was besieged by Napoleon as a move against Austria, who joined the First Coalition. Austrian... Read more

  • Treaty of Leoben

    The Treaty of Leoben (also known as the Peace of Leoben) was signed on 17 April 1797 by Napoleon Bonaparte. It was a preliminary accord that... Read more

  • Coup of 18 fructidor an V

    The Coup of 18 fructidor an V was a seizure of power under the Directory, on 4 September 1797. The three Directors, Barras, Rewbell and La... Read more

  • Treaty of Campo Formio

    The Treaty of Campo Formio or Peace of Campo Formio was signed on 17 October 1797 (26 Vendémiaire, Year VI of the French Republic) by Napoleon... Read more

  • Roman Republic Declared

    The Roman Republic (Italian: Repubblica Romana) was proclaimed on February 15, 1798 after Louis Alexandre Berthier, a general of Napoleon, had... Read more