French And Indian War timeline

  • Raid On Pickawillany

    The Raid on Pickawillany is a famous event in Ohio history, and one of the events that led to the French and Indian War. On June 21, 1752, the... Read more

  • Washington's Party Enters Williamsburg

    Washington's party left Fort Le Boeuf early on December 16, arriving back in Williamsburg on January 16, 1754. In his report, Washington stated,... Read more

  • Battle Of Jumonville Glen

    The Battle of Jumonville Glen, also known as the Jumonville affair, was the opening battle of the French and Indian War fought on May 28, 1754 near... Read more

  • Tanaghrisson And His Party Surprise The French

    Tanacharison or Tanaghrisson (c. 1700? – 4 October 1754) was an American Indian leader who played a pivotal role in the beginning of the French and... Read more

  • George Washington Begins To Build Fort Necessity

    On June 4, 1754, twenty-two-year-old Colonel George Washington and his small military force were busy constructing Fort Necessity, east of what is... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort Necessity

    The Battle of Fort Necessity, or the Battle of the Great Meadows took place on July 3, 1754 in what is now the mountaintop hamlet of Farmington in... Read more

  • The French Attack Fort Necessity

    Following the massacre, Washington pulled back several miles and established Fort Necessity, which the French then attacked on July 3. The... Read more

  • Braddock Leads His Troops And The Provincial Militia On An Expedition To Take Fort Duquesne

    Braddock led about 2,000 army troops and provincial militia on an expedition in June 1755 to take Fort Duquesne. The expedition ended in disaster,... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort Beausejour

    The Battle of Fort Beauséjour marked the opening of a British offensive in the French and Indian War (the North American theater of the Seven... Read more

  • Admiral Edward Boscawen Fires On The French Ship Alcide

    When news of the two battles reached England in August, the government of the Duke of Newcastle, after several months of negotiations, decided to... Read more

  • Battle Of The Monongahela

    The Battle of the Monongahela took place on 9 July 1755 in the vicinity of present-day Braddock, Pennsylvania, ten miles upstream from Pittsburgh... Read more

  • Battle Of Lake George

    The Battle of Lake George was fought on 8 September 1755, in the north of the Province of New York. The battle was part of a campaign by the... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort Bull

    The Battle of Fort Bull was a French attack on the British-held Fort Bull on 27 March 1756, early in the French and Indian War. Lt.... Read more

  • Battle Of Sideling Hill

    The Battle of Sideling Hill was an engagement between British colonial militia and a band of Native Americans that had recently attacked Fort... Read more

  • Battle Of Great Cacapon

    The Battle of Great Cacapon (or Mercer's Massacre) was fought on April 18, 1756 between Colonel George Washington's Virginia Regiment and French... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort Oswego

    The Battle of Fort Oswego was one in a series of early French victories in the North American theatre of the Seven Years' War won in spite of New... Read more

  • Kittanning Expedition

    The Kittanning Expedition, also known as the Armstrong Expedition or the Battle of Kittanning was a raid during the French and Indian War that led... Read more

  • Battle On Snowshoes

    The 1757 Battle on Snowshoes was a skirmish fought between Rogers' Rangers and French and Indian troops during the French and Indian War on January... Read more

  • Battle Of Sabbath Day Point

    The Battle of Sabbath Day Point took place on 23 July 1757 just off the shore of Sabbath Day Point, Lake George, NY and ended in a French victory.... Read more

  • Battle Of Fort William Henry

    The Battle of Fort William Henry or Siege of Fort William Henry was General Montcalm's siege and capture of the British–held Fort William Henry in... Read more

  • Attack On German Flatts

    On November 12, 1757 during the French and Indian War, a company of French and Indian warriors stage an attack on German Flatts in the British... Read more

  • Second Battle Of Bloody Creek

    The Second Battle of Bloody Creek was an episode in the French and Indian War, where a detachment of British soldiers from nearby Annapolis Royal... Read more

  • Battle On Snowshoes

    The 1758 Battle on Snowshoes occurred on March 13, 1758, during the French and Indian War. It was fought by members of British Ranger companies led... Read more

  • Siege Of Louisbourg

    The Siege of Louisbourg was a pivotal battle of the French and Indian War (the North American theater of the Seven Years' War) in 1758 which ended... Read more

  • Battle Of Carillon

    In 1758 two of the British expeditions were successful, with Fort Duquesne and Louisbourg falling to sizable British forces. The third was stopped... Read more