Empire Of Japan timeline

  • Battle of Port Arthur

    The naval Battle of Port Arthur thus ended inconclusively. The Russians took 150 casualties to around 90 for the Japanese. Although no ship was... Read more

  • Battle of Yalu River

    The Japanese main attack began in the early morning hours of 27 April 1904. By 0300, the balance of the 12th Division had crossed the river and was... Read more

  • Battle of Nanshan

    On 24 May 1904, during a heavy thunderstorm, the Japanese Fourth Division attacked the walled town of Chinchou (modern-day Jinzhou 金州), just north... Read more

  • Battle of Te-li-Ssu

    On 14 June 1904, General Oku, advanced his forces northward toward the entrenched Russian positions near the village of Telissu. General Stakelberg... Read more

  • Battle of the Yellow Sea

    On the morning of 10 August 1904, the First Pacific Squadron sailed out of Port Arthur to engage the Japanese fleet blockading the port. The... Read more

  • Battle Off Ulsan

    At 0520 on 14 August 1904 the fleets had closed to 8,500 yards (7,800 m), and the Japanese ships fired first. For some reason, Kamimura, in... Read more

  • Battle of Liaoyang

    While the Japanese Army settled down in front of Port Arthur for a siege, a large force under Field Marshal Oyama moved north to secure the... Read more