Elvis Costello timeline

  • Glastonbury Festival 1984

    In January 1984 Michael Eavis successfully defended 5 prosecutions bought against him by Mendip District Council alleging contravention of the... Read more

  • Glastonbury Festival 1987

    The council’s decision to refuse the licence was overturned in court only in May. 1987 saw the introduction of the Womad stage to the Festival.... Read more

  • Glastonbury Festival 1989

    Again there were once again complications with the local council over the granting of the Festival licence. The Police were bought into the... Read more

  • Glastonbury Festival 1994

    On 13 June 1994 the famous Pyramid stage burnt down in the early hours of the morning but luckily a replacement was provided by the local company... Read more

  • Glastonbury Festival 2005

    Lightning strikes!!! Two months worth of rain in several hours! A once in a hundred year occurrence! For those unfortunate enough to get swamped,... Read more