Eastern Front Of World War II timeline

  • Mogilev Offensive

    As with the other offensives in the first phase of Operation Bagration, the Mogilev Offensive opened with a intense artillery barrage against the... Read more

  • Polotsk Offensive

    The 1st Baltic Front continued to extend its offensive westwards from June 30, pushing the shattered remnants of Third Panzer Army's IX Corps back... Read more

  • Minsk Offensive

    The offensive developed through three main phases: the breakthrough of the initial German defences along the Berezina; the advance of the Soviet... Read more

  • Vilnius Offensive

    Chernyakhovsky ordered that his main mobile 'exploitation' forces, the 5th Guards Tank Army and 3rd Guards Cavalry Corps continue their advance... Read more

  • Belostock Offensive

    After completing its mission of liquidating the pocket east of Minsk, in which the Fourth Army had been trapped, the bulk of the 2nd Belorussian... Read more

  • Shyaulyay Offensive

    Initial phase In July, 1944, The Soviet Operation Bagration had been achieving great success. Army Group Centre was in tatters, and the northern... Read more

  • Operation Ostra Brama

    Operation Ostra Brama (lit. Operation Sharp Gate) was an armed conflict during World War II between the Polish Home Army and the Nazi German... Read more

  • Lvov–Sandomierz Offensive

    The northern attack towards Rava-Ruska commenced on the 13 July 1944. The 1st Ukrainian Front forces easily broke through near Horokhiv. The... Read more

  • Lublin–Brest Offensive Begins

    The Lublin–Brest Offensive (Russian: Люблин‐Брестская наступательная операция, 18 July – 2 August 1944) was a part of the Operation Bagration... Read more

  • Battle of Tannenberg Line

    The Battle of Tannenberg Line was a campaign between the German the army detachment "Narwa" and the Soviet Leningrad Front fought for the... Read more

  • Kaunas Offensive

    On 28 July the forces of the Front went over to the offensive, and by the end of 29 July they had advanced 5–17 km. By July 30 the German... Read more

  • W-hour Marks Beginning of the Warsaw Uprising

    After days of hesitation, at 17:00 on 31 July, the Polish headquarters scheduled "W-hour" (from the Polish wybuch, "explosion"; also wolność,... Read more

  • Warsaw Uprising Reaches Apogee

    The uprising was intended to last a few days until Soviet forces arrived; however, this never happened, and the Polish forces had to fight with... Read more

  • Wola Massacre

    The Wola massacre (Polish: Rzeź Woli, "Wola slaughter") (August 5-August 8, 1944 in Wola, Warsaw) was the scene of the largest single massacre in... Read more

  • Osovets Offensive

    The offensive commenced after the 2nd Belorussian Front had successfully taken Grodno and Bialystok in the Belostock Offensive. The Front was... Read more

  • Intense Fighting Breaks Out in Warsaw's Old Town During the Warsaw Uprising

    Despite the loss of Wola, the Polish resistance stiffened. Zośka and Wacek battalions managed to capture the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto and... Read more

  • Jassy–Kishinev Offensive (August 1944) (Battle of Romania)

    The Jassy-Kishinev Operation (Russian: Ясско-кишинёвская стратегическая наступательная операция, translation: Jassy-Kishinev Strategic Offensive... Read more

  • Slovak National Uprising Begins

    The Slovak National Uprising (Slovak: Slovenské národné povstanie, abbreviated SNP) or 1944 Uprising was an armed insurrection organized by the... Read more

  • Polish Forces Under Command General Zygmunt Berling Land in Warsaw to Provide Support to Uprising

    Soviet attacks on the 4th SS Panzer Corps east of Warsaw were renewed on 26 August, and the Germans were forced to retreat into Praga. The Soviet... Read more

  • Baltic Offensive

    The Baltic Offensive, also known as the Baltic Strategic Offensive, denotes the campaign between the German Army Group North and the northern... Read more

  • Tallinn Offensive

    The Tallinn Offensive (Russian: Таллинская наступательная операция) was the Soviet strategic offensive operation corresponding to the German... Read more

  • Capitulation of Remaining Polish Forces in Warsaw

    On October 2 General Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski signed the capitulation of the remaining Polish forces (Warszawski Korpus Armii Krajowej or Home Army... Read more

  • Battle of Debrecen

    The 2nd Ukrainian Front operation begun on 6 October 1944, with Malinovsky's southern pincer attacking near Arad, and slicing through the Hungarian... Read more

  • Germany Launches Counteroffensive Against the Slovak Uprising

    On September 19 German command replaced SS-Obergruppenführer Berger, who had been in charge of the troops fighting the Uprising, with General... Read more

  • German Counteroffensive Successfully Ends Slovak National Uprising

    On September 19 German command replaced SS-Obergruppenführer Berger, who had been in charge of the troops fighting the Uprising, with General... Read more