Earthquake timeline

  • Paez River Earthquake

    The Paez river disaster was caused by a rather superficial earthquake (with a 10 km deep epicentre, 6.4 on the Richter scale) and subsequent... Read more

  • Afghanistan Earthquake of May 1998

    The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.9 on the Richter scale. This was the second large earthquake in the area in 1998 after another earthquake on... Read more

  • Athens Earthquake

    The 1999 Athens earthquake, registering a moment magnitude of 6.0, occurred on September 7, 1999, at 2:56:50 pm local time and lasted approximately... Read more

  • 921 Earthquake

    A large and damaging earthquake occurred in the northwest region of Taiwan at 17:47 GMT on September 20, 1999 (01:47 AM on September 21 Taiwan... Read more

  • El Salvador Earthquake of February 2001

    At 14:22:05 UTC, the 6.6 quake struck with the epicentre at 15 miles (30 km) E of San Salvador, El Salvador (13.67N 88.93W) at the depth of 10 km.... Read more

  • Bam Earthquake of 2003

    Tragedy hit Iran on 26 December 2003 when a major earthquake registering 6.5 on the Richter scale hit its south-eastern province of Kerman at 05:28... Read more

  • Indian Ocean Earthquake of 2004

    The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was an undersea megathrust earthquake that occurred at 00:58:53 UTC on December 26, 2004, with an epicentre off... Read more

  • Sumatra Earthquake of 2005

    The 2005 Sumatra earthquake, referred to as the Nias Earthquake by the scientific community, was a major earthquake on 28 March 2005, located off... Read more

  • May 2006 Java Earthquake

    The death toll from the earthquake that rocked Indonesia's main island of Java at the weekend has risen to at least 5,846, the social affairs... Read more

  • Yanjin Earthquake of 2006

    The 2006 Yanjin earthquake was a magnitude 5.2 earthquake in southwestern China. It occurred on July 22, 2006, at 01:10 UTC (09:10 local time).... Read more

  • Sumatra Earthquakes of 2007

    The magnitude 8.4 and 7.8 southern Sumatra earthquakes of September 12, 2007 occurred as the result of thrust faulting on the boundary between the... Read more

  • Irian Jaya Earthquake of 2009

    At least three people were killed when a series of powerful earthquakes struck near the northern coast of Indonesia's largest province Sunday,... Read more

  • World Leaders Arrive in Italy for G8 Summit

    Leaders of the world's most powerful economies were Wednesday gathering in the center of an Italian earthquake zone for a summit that, despite an... Read more

  • Massive 8.8 Earthquake Strikes Chile

    A massive earthquake struck Chili on Saturday, February 27, rocking buildings and killing hundreds of people. It was the worst disaster to strike... Read more

  • Yusku Earthquake of 2010

    About 400 people have died and 10,000 others were injured after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit northwest China's Qinghai Province early on... Read more