Deaths timeline

  • Daniel Schorr Dies

    Daniel Schorr, a longtime senior news analyst for NPR and a veteran Washington journalist who broke major stories at home and abroad during the... Read more

  • Maury Chaykin Dies

    Maury Chaykin, a ubiquitous character actor who specialized in comic roles with disturbing undertones and disturbing roles with comic undertones,... Read more

  • Patricia Neal Dies

    Iconic Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Neal, who grew up in Knoxville, lost her battle with lung cancer at 11 a.m. Sunday at her Martha’s... Read more

  • Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens Dies In A Plane Crash

    Former Senator Ted Stevens, who for several years played a leading role in controlling the nation's purse strings, died with four other people in a... Read more

  • Ted Kennedy is Remembered on the Anniversary of His Death

    On the first anniversary of Senator Edward M. Kennedy's death, Ted Kennedy Jr. spoke at a ceremony naming a community health center for his father,... Read more

  • Discovery Communications Headquarters Hostage Crisis

    From the early stages of Wednesday's hostage standoff in Silver Spring, tactical officers had positioned themselves to shoot James J. Lee. The big... Read more

  • Harold Gould Dies

    Harold Gould, a veteran character actor who played con man Kid Twist in the 1973 movie "The Sting," Valerie Harper's father on TV's "Rhoda" and... Read more

  • Eddie Fisher Dies

    Eddie Fisher, one of Hollywood's original bad boys, died on Wednesday at the age of 82. Fisher, as well known for his string of top 40 hits as he... Read more

  • Gloria Stuart Dies

    Gloria Stuart, a glamorous blond actress during Hollywood’s golden age who was largely forgotten until she made a memorable comeback in her 80s in... Read more

  • Tony Curtis dies

    The rare Hollywood star whose off-screen character was often more colorful than his on-screen ones, Tony Curtis has died at the age of 85. He... Read more

  • Greg Giraldo Dies

    Greg Giraldo, a comedian famous for his stinging insult humor, disgruntled rants and frequent appearances on Comedy Central’s highly watched roast... Read more

  • Solomon Burke Dies

    Jerry Wexler, a co-founder of Atlantic Records, described Solomon Burke as "wily, highly intelligent, a salesman of epic proportions". Burke, who... Read more

  • Benoit Mandelbrot Dies

    Benoît B. Mandelbrot, a maverick mathematician who developed the field of fractal geometry and applied it to physics, biology, finance and many... Read more

  • Barbara Billingsley Dies

    Barbara Billingsley, who as June Cleaver on the television series “Leave It to Beaver” personified a Hollywood postwar family ideal of the... Read more

  • Tom Bosley Dies

    Actor Tom Bosley, best known as the beloved Mr. Cunningham on "Happy Days," has died. The family says Bosley died of heart failure at 4 a.m.... Read more

  • Bob Guccione, founder of Penthouse Magazine, Dies

    Bob Guccione, who founded Penthouse magazine in the 1960s and built a pornographic media empire that broke taboos, outraged the guardians of taste... Read more

  • Néstor Kirchner Dies

    Néstor Kirchner, the former president of Argentina who led his country out of a crippling economic crisis before being succeeded by his wife, died... Read more

  • Andy Irons Dies

    An autopsy was performed on Andy Irons yesterday in Texas, but the Tarrant County medical examiner won't know for several weeks why the three-time... Read more

  • Dino De Laurentiis Dies

    Dino De Laurentiis, the son of Italian pasta makers who became a prolific movie producer, with films including Serpico, Dune and War and Peace on... Read more

  • Irvin Kershner Dies

    US director Irvin Kershner, who made "The Empire Strikes Back", has died at the age of 87, Star Wars creator George Lucas said Monday, praising him... Read more

  • Leslie Nielsen Dies

    Leslie Nielsen, who traded in his dramatic persona for inspired bumbling as a hapless doctor in “Airplane!” and the accident-prone detective Frank... Read more

  • Gil McDougald Dies

    Gil McDougald, the Yankees’ versatile All-Star infielder who played on five World Series championship teams but was remembered as well for a single... Read more

  • Ron Santo Dies

    Ron Santo played his last of 15 Major League seasons for the crosstown Chicago White Sox, but he was always a Cub. A star third baseman and part of... Read more

  • Don Meredith Dies

    Don Meredith, an all-pro quarterback who made his greatest impact on the game after he finished playing, died Sunday at a Santa Fe, New Mexico,... Read more

  • Elizabeth Edwards Dies

    You all know that I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces – my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience... Read more