Cozy Powell timeline

  • Rainbow release Rising

    Rising (also known as Rainbow Rising) is a hard rock/heavy metal album by Rainbow, released in 1976. With bandleader Ritchie Blackmore retaining... Read more

  • Rainbow release On Stage

    On Stage is a live album originally released by Rainbow in 1977 on Oyster - Polydor SPDLP6B (2657 016) . The album features a cover of a song from... Read more

  • Rainbow release Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

    Long Live Rock 'n' Roll is the third studio album released by Rainbow, released in 1978. Although Bob Daisley & David Stone are listed on the... Read more

  • Rainbow release Down to Earth

    Down To Earth is the fourth studio album released by Rainbow, released in 1979. Most of the album had been already written and recorded by the time... Read more