Coal Mines timeline

  • Empire Mine Explosion

    Seventy men were entombed Friday in the Empire Mine of Snowdon, Gould & Co., one fourth of a mile below town, as the result of an explosion of gas,... Read more

  • Scofield Mine Disaster

    The Scofield mine disaster occurred on 1 May 1900 when an explosion ripped through the Winter Quarters Number Four mine located west of Scofield.... Read more

  • Ernest Mine Disaster

    At 3:20 in the afternoon an explosion killed 27 men in the section of the mine that was affected and burned 4 others who escaped. The 150 men in... Read more

  • Castle Gate Mine Disaster

    The Castle Gate mine disaster occurred on March 8, 1924, in a coal mine near the town of Castle Gate, Utah (now dismantled), located approximately... Read more

  • Sunshine Mine Fire

    A fire of as yet undetermined origin was detected by Sunshine employees at approximately 11:35 a.m. on May 2, 1972. At that time, smoke and gas... Read more