Battles timeline

  • Battle of Blue Licks

    The Kentuckians reached the Licking River on the morning of August 19, near a spring and salt lick known as the Lower Blue Licks. On the other side... Read more

  • Battle of Trincomalee

    Following the battle off Negapatam, Hughes had spent two weeks at see before putting into Madras for repairs. There he was joined by Sceptre and... Read more

  • Battle of Neerwinden

    The Battle of Neerwinden took place on (18 March 1793) near the village of Neerwinden in present-day Belgium between the Austrians under Prince... Read more

  • Battle of the Nile

    The Battle of the Nile (also known as the Battle of Aboukir Bay, or in French as the Bataille d'Aboukir) was a major naval battle fought between... Read more

  • Battle of Trebbia

    The Battle of Trebbia was fought on June 19, 1799 and resulted in the victory of the Austrians and Russians under Field Marshal Suvorov against the... Read more

  • The Battle of Waterloo

    In the Battle of Waterloo (Sunday 18 June 1815 near Waterloo, Belgium) forces of the French Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte and Michel Ney were... Read more

  • Balangiga Massacre

    Between 6:20 and 6:45 in the morning of September 28, 1901, the villagers made their move. Abanador, who had been supervising the prisoners'... Read more

  • Battle of Riyadh

    Battle of Riyadh was a minor battle of the Unification War between Rashidi and Ibn Saud rebels. It occurred on 13 January 1902, in Masmak Castle in... Read more

  • Battle of Dilam

    Battle of Dilam was a major battle of the Unification War between Rashidi and Saudi rebels. It occurred on 27 January 1903, in town of Dilam south... Read more

  • Battle of Yalu River

    The Japanese main attack began in the early morning hours of 27 April 1904. By 0300, the balance of the 12th Division had crossed the river and was... Read more

  • Battle of Nanshan

    On 24 May 1904, during a heavy thunderstorm, the Japanese Fourth Division attacked the walled town of Chinchou (modern-day Jinzhou 金州), just north... Read more

  • Battle of Te-li-Ssu

    On 14 June 1904, General Oku, advanced his forces northward toward the entrenched Russian positions near the village of Telissu. General Stakelberg... Read more

  • Battle of Liaoyang

    While the Japanese Army settled down in front of Port Arthur for a siege, a large force under Field Marshal Oyama moved north to secure the... Read more

  • Battle Of Tannenberg

    The Battle of Tannenberg was in August 1914 a decisive engagement between the Russian Empire and the German Empire in the first days of World War... Read more

  • Battle of the Suez Canal

    British Force, 40,000 Major General Sir John Maxwell, Commander Turkish Force, 65,000 General Djemal Pasha, Commander The German... Read more

  • Battle Of Lone Pine

    The Battle of Lone Pine, was a battle between Australian and Turkish forces that took place during the Gallipoli campaign from 6–10 August 1915. It... Read more

  • The Battle of Midway

    The Battle of Midway, fought over and near the tiny U.S. mid-Pacific base at Midway atoll, represents the strategic high water mark of Japan's... Read more

  • The First Battle of Fallujah

    As part of the occupation of Iraq, the First Battle of Fallujah, codenamed Operation Vigilant Resolve, was an unsuccessful attempt by the United... Read more

  • The Battle of Mosul

    The Battle for Mosul was a battle fought during the Iraq War in 2004 for the capital of the Ninawa Governorate in northern Iraq that occurred... Read more