Baseball timeline

  • 1990 World Series

    The 1990 World Series matched the defending champions and heavily-favored Oakland Athletics against the Cincinnati Reds, with the Reds sweeping the... Read more

  • Dennis Martinez Pitches a Perfect Game

    The winningest Hispanic pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball topped off his hall of fame career with this perfect game against the first... Read more

  • 1991 World Series

    The 1991 World Series was played between the Minnesota Twins (95–67) of the American League and the Atlanta Braves (94–68) of the National League... Read more

  • 1992 World Series

    The 1992 World Series was the first Series ever with games played outside the United States of America. It pitted the American League champion... Read more

  • 1993 World Series

    The 1993 World Series was the second Series in a row with games played in Canada as well as the second Series to be won by a Canadian team. It... Read more

  • Michael Jordan Enters the Chicago White Sox Minor League System

    In his 1998 autobiography For the Love of the Game, Jordan wrote that he had been preparing for retirement as early as the summer of 1992. The... Read more

  • Angels in the Outfield

    Angels in the Outfield (known simply as Angels in some countries) is a 1994 Disney film remake of the 1951 film of the same name, starring Danny... Read more

  • Kenny Rogers Pitches a Perfect Game

    Kenny Rogers was a four year veteran of the mound who focused on relief pitching. The Rangers converted him to a starter the previous season and he... Read more

  • Cal Ripken Jr. Sets Consecutive Games Played Record

    With Grace, Ripken Becomes a Legend By Mark Maske Washington Post Staff Writer September 7, 1995 BALTIMORE, SEPT. 6 — Now Cal Ripken... Read more

  • 1995 World Series

    1995 World Series After losing the World Series to the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 and falling to the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League... Read more

  • 1996 World Series

    1996 World Series The 1996 season witnessed what would eventually become the fourth installment of the New York Yankees dynasty. To date, the... Read more

  • Major League Baseball retires Jackie Robinson's number 42

    Robinson's jersey number, 42, was retired by Major League Baseball; no future player on any major league team can wear it. The number was retired... Read more

  • 1997 World Series

    1997 World Series The four year-old expansion team known as the Florida Marlins represented the best (and worst) of parody in Major League... Read more

  • Harry Caray Dies

    Caray maintained a winter home in Palm Springs, California, along with his primary residence in Chicago. As discussed in Steve Stone's 1999 book,... Read more

  • David Wells Pitches a Perfect Game

    On May 17 Wells dragged his 5.23 ERA out to the Yankee Stadium mound to face the Minnesota Twins. He certainly started off stronger than on that... Read more

  • Mark McGwire Breaks Roger Maris' Single-Season Home Run Record

    There was much media speculation as to where Maris’ HR record would be broken in 1998, and a debate as to who would break it, Ken Griffey, Jr. or... Read more

  • Mark McGwire Hits Record-Breaking 70th Season Home Run

    The 1998 Major League Baseball home run chase in Major League Baseball was the race between first baseman Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals... Read more

  • 1998 World Series

    1998 World Series In 1998, the perennial champion New York Yankees set a new standard for excellence in baseball outplaying the 1927 franchise... Read more

  • David Cone Pitches a Perfect Game

    David Cone was simply perfect on a day when perfection was in attendance. The original battery of the 1956 World Series perfect game were on hand... Read more

  • 1999 World Series

    1999 World Series As baseball prepared to close its books on the twentieth century, it seemed fitting that the team who had dominated most of it... Read more

  • 2000 World Series

    2000 World Series After a forty-four year absence (1956) the Subway Series finally returned to the Big Apple matching the ever-present New York... Read more

  • 2001 World Series

    2001 World Series Baseball in 2001 will always be remembered not for the games that took place during the regular season, but for the patriotism... Read more

  • 2002 World Series

    2002 World Series It was no surprise that an American League team had once again dominated the 2002 race with powerful hitting, great defense... Read more

  • 2003 World Series

    2003 World Series The biggest story of the 2003 World Series may not have been the actual Fall Classic, but more so the dramatic pennant race... Read more

  • Randy Johnson Pitches a Perfect Game

    Randy Johnson had pretty much done it all -- Cy Young Awards, a no-hitter, strikeout records, a World Series championship. Only one thing was... Read more