Baghdad timeline

  • Battle of Baghdad

    In 1258, a Mongol army numbering between 120,000 and 150,000 soldiers laid siege to and sacked Baghdad, then the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate... Read more

  • Baghdad Falls to US Troops

    San Francisco Chronicle - After a spectacular foray in the early morning, with U.S. and Iraqi troops trading bursts of fire, the Americans captured... Read more

  • Iraqi Insurgency Begins to Swell

    After President Bush's speech on May 1, 2003 (the "Mission Accomplished" speech), coalition forces noticed a gradually increasing flurry of attacks... Read more

  • A Suicide Bombing Occurs In Zayouna, Baghdad

    Zayouna is a neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq. Zayouna a residential area in Baghdad, Iraq's capital city located on the side of the Rusafa city of... Read more

  • Bomb Kills At Least 69 in Baghdad

    On June 24, 2009, an explosion occurred in the Muraidi Market of the Sadr City area of Baghdad, Iraq. At least 69 people were killed and 150 others... Read more